My Air Travel by Air India Airlines for the Maharaja’s Experience

When would my kids ever learn to be on time, I mulled as I waited in the car with the luggage in the boot. This quality they take after my wife but I was not complaining for my wife and my kids are my life and my reason to smile. But, this was going way out of control. The flight was to depart in three hours and we were not even on our way to the airport. I always like to be on time especially during journeys and more so while catching flights because irrespective of the city, whether it is Udaipur or Timbuktu, the traffic can be very dicey and you can never truly estimate the time one would take to reach the airport. My air travel from Udaipur to South Africa by Air India Airlines had brought so much excitement in my family that I was content just by seeing them.

udaipur airport facade

Udaipur Airport Facade | Image Resource :

Everything said and done, we were on our way to the airport and both my children Aakash and Adarsh had this anticipation on their faces that could not be concealed by them at all. Yes, they are extremely naughty and a little indiscipline by habit, yet they really behave responsibly when entrusted with duties. And this day the two of them had the task of taking care of the luggage. I and my wife took strides to the check in counter and finished the formalities. A little later, the announcement indicated that our flight was ready for boarding and we made our way to the fast filling up queue. The flight would take about eleven hours but that was hardly any hurdle because while I was busy leafing through the various business magazines, my kids had settled with the in flight entertainment and my wife as expected was already catching up on her sleep.

johannesburg airport entrance

Johannesburg Airport Entrance | Image Resource :

inside view of johannesburg airport

Inside View Of Johannesburg Airport | Image Resource :

Much of my air travel from Udaipur to South Africa by Air India Airlines was restful and entertaining, the credit of which goes to the efficient attendants in the airplane. Our inaugurator sightseeing trip was to the Apartheid Museum Johannesburg South Africa and I could not wait.

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