Five basic tips for Fitness

1. Eat right

According every personal trainer, food is the most important part of a fitness strategy. You may want to lose or gain weight, no matter what your goal is; proper diet is the only way you could achieve it. Not having the right food while you workout will prevent you from meeting your objective. I prefer organic foods as well as a balanced diet which include complex carbohydrates, fats, complete proteins, fruits and vegetables.

fitness food plan

Fitness Food Plan | Image Resource :

2. Prepare in Advance

Start following your diet before you start to train. This will allow you to adapt to the food habit while you begin exercising. This will also help you in controlling your craving for food and help you maintain your health as well as improve your physique.

3. Eat Regularly

There is a misconception that to lose weight you have to skip meals or eat less. However, in reality, you can have your meals and become slim. Many expert trainers advise their clients to eat five times a day at an interval of 3 hours. These meals are 100% healthy and are carefully selected according the person’s body type. Such type of healthy eating habits has helped many in achieving their desired physique.

4. Analyse how much you eat

You may find it weird but it is fact that people who eat in a larger plate have 20 to 30 % more on their plates. This technique has proved to be very effective for me. There’s a saying in the fitness industry, “meat and chicken breasts, should be smaller than a palm”. Whereas, “spaghettis and pastas” should be smaller that a fist. So, start using smaller dishes.

5. Improve your Lifestyle

When you start a health regime, make sure to follow a healthy lifestyle. Apart from food, other aspects of your life are also important such as proper sleep, regular intake of water, avoiding habits such as alcohol and smoking.

body fitness

Body Fitness | Image Resource :

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