Museum Of Contemporary Art Australia

Next day, we planned our schedule and the first destination of the day was the Museum of contemporary art Australia. So we didn’t waste much time at hotel, and in due time, left for the site. The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, also abbreviated as (MCA), is Australia’s leading site that is solely devoted to exhibitions, interpretations and collection of contemporary art forms that are spread across entire world, precisely Australia.

It is situated at the Circular Quay, on the rim of Sydney Harbor and is housed in the fine architecture of former Maritime Services building.

The very first thing that strikes us was that the entry was absolutely free. I haven’t experienced this at any other foreign museum, and was amused. We hired a guide here to get the in depth details of the exhibit, and could understand the significance of the items displayed The exhibits at MCA were, for the most part s, influential in the domain of Multi-media, but the other exhibits of painting and sculpture also grabbed our attention.

museum of contemporary art, sydney, australia

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia | Image Resource :

I curiously questioned at the front desk if they hold a mobile app and they certainly did. It was pleasant to experience that the authorities facilitated the visitors with free headphones so as to listen and follow the curator, who offered us an intuitive tour. We were able to spend around two -three hours or so, enjoying the art work at Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

The undeviating collection of MCA features artists of local as well as international fame and the site is undoubtedly worthy of a visit. However, the museum is rather small, extending up to 4 floors that include the floor with special exhibitions. This place definitely efforts to put forward some arty value and approach to Sydney’s existing art scene.

MCA has an awesome location that is rightly sited by the Rocks with the Harbor front, and proposes some stellar view making it no less than a picnic spot – a great place for people to watch and experience the music blasts/street happenings. We also went to the art shop/bookstore, which is worth an inspection. The shop holds a nice collection of art and design books, along with some gifts/souvenirs.


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