St Mary’s Cathedral – An Elegant House of Worship

After relaxing, following the tiresome journey and having a delicious breakfast in the hotel restaurant, we started our expedition of the amazing city of Sydney. Our first destination was the St Mary’s Cathedral. The hotel cab services took us to the desired destination which is dedicated to Mary Help of Christians.

St Mary’s Cathedral is a representation of the religious origins of the Catholic Church in Australia. The cathedral is renowned as the premium testimony of English-style gothic churches in the entire world. We were impressed by the architecture that was constructed using Sydney sand stone. The Cathedral was eventually completed 100 years after the bereavement of talented architect William Wardell, and was added with two new and eye catching spires made at the southern end.

st mary's cathedral, sydney australia

St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney Australia | Image Resource :

We were admiring the magnificent exterior and lovely façade of the site that was proudly standing before us. The formal entry was through the stairs that end in front of St. Mary’s. We entered the gate to reach the main cathedral that was displaying the breathtaking sweep of the beautiful arches. The place was sparkling with the light passing through the stained glass windows and was adding to the glamour of the place. It was so peaceful.

inside view of st mary's cathedral, sydney australia

Inside view of St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney Australia | Image Resource :

We also visited the St Mary’s Cathedral Crypt where history of ancient Sydney church was exhibited. We had to access the crypt via a concrete ramp. The exhibition was entitled as ‘the first Australian Catholics’ was displaying the detailed history from the convict ships to the great fire. Kids were running ahead of us, and were trying to understand the uniqueness of the place.

Meanwhile, it was time for our free tour that we booked in advance. The tour is regularly conducted on Sundays after masses, at around 11:30am, and lasts for about 1.5 hrs. It was a great experience as the tour enhanced our excitement and knowledge about the history and significance of the church. Being in the group was fun and we all (including kids as they find company) were thoroughly enjoying it.

We also visited the cathedral store and bought some souvenirs. It was a great visit at the St Mary’s Cathedral


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