Super Pit Gold Mine – A “Have-To-Go” Site

Our next destination was the Kalgoorlie, which is home to the world’s largest open cut mines. My wife and kids were remotely interested in visiting the place, thinking that it is a site that could charm only men. But, I somehow assured them that they will definitely cherish their visit. Though, sparsely convinced, they half heartedly agreed to go for a look at the Super pit gold mine. This mine has a reputation for production of a decent chunk of Australia’s gold ingots. This gigantic operation that is called as the “Super Pit” forms a portion of the ‘Golden Mile’- renowned as the richest square mile of gold containing earth in the entire world. The thought is also fascinating( for me at least)

We reached the place and although it’s not feasible to move inside the pit that keeps on operating 24 hours of the day, a lookout platform is facilitated to get an entire overview. We, along with many other visitors, got over the lookout which was present just off the Goldfields Highway, and got an exciting feel of the massiveness.

We were feeling like dwarfs while standing there near to the super pit. Kids couldn’t stop themselves from shouting’ look at that’, ‘what’s that’,’ its sooo huge’…and were exclaiming at the massiveness of the place. My wife was also showing keen interest now, and I was glad at looking them -so happy.

super pit gold mine australia

Super Pit Gold Mine Australia | Image Resource :

This ‘man made hole’ was around 320 meters deep, about 3km long and 1.4km wide and was an amazing site for all the on-lookers. There were huge mining trucks (looking very tiny like toys from where we were standing) rolling on tires that were taller than an average man. Those were all moving towards the deep base. We were told that immense lightening infrastructure enables night time viewing of the place , making it look marvelous.

The massive mine was in action and blasting was occurring regularly.

We all were pleasantly surprised with the size, management and the colors that we got to see at the place. We also bought some lovely gifts from the super pit shop.


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