Australian National Maritime Museum – A Must Visit

Our next destination was the national maritime museum of Australia. The Australians are intimately associated with the sea by means of commerce, defense, immigration, as well as with adventure sports and play. The waterways have indeed influenced Australia’s development. This museum represents all the themes of Australia with numerous fascinating artifacts, dynamic exhibitions, and fun activities also an opportunity to embark ships and familiarize with life in the water.

Our cab reached the place soon, and we were all set to enjoy the exploration. We opted for a guided tour and were soon greeted by Mr. James, who was our guide for the site. We were immensely grateful to Mr. James who benefited us with his “insider’s knowledge”. The museum was authoritatively opened in the year 1991, so it is not been long in the existence, but its popularity has outnumbered many other ancient museums. The collection here includes more than 40,000 objects, as Mr. James told us.

australian national maritime museum

Australian National Maritime Museum | Image Resource :

We were amazed at the various exhibits, with each holding an uniqueness to itself. I was thrilled to see the fastest boat in the world called as the Spirit of Australia. We also opted for many fun activities that are offered here. There was ticket for every activity and we couldn’t hold us behind to explore the ‘family fun Sundays’.

Kids were enjoying the trip to the fullest. There were many people who came to visit the place and explore the artifacts. Many school visits were held to enrich students about the place. There were various special kids activities carried as the school holiday activities, youth workshops, mini mariners etc. It was learning with fun for children of all age groups. We clicked numerous pictures of our kids enjoying the thrill and adventure of the activities offered.

We then moved to the gallery. The site was amazing. The entire crew was very helpful and guiding us well. There were special privileges for the young ones as well as for physically challenged personals. A café for refreshments was developed, offering drinks and eateries for people. After a nice exploration of the place, we went to the store that was packed with stacks of booty, toys, books and many more to take as a souvenir.


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