Cathedral of Brasilia – Noteworthy of All

My kids are football admirers and you can imagine how excited they could be to visit a country which is one of the strongest teams of FIFA. They wanted to see every niche of this fascinating place. And Akash, Oh My God! He is a restless child! Controlling him is the task harder than my business strategies! I used to think sometimes how does my wife manage with him?

Reaching Sao Paulo, the biggest city of Brazil was really stimulating for us. There is abundant of interesting places to visit in Brazil including Cathedral of Brasilia. It is prominently known for its discreet architectural features. With amazing structure of parabolic columns divided into equal sections, the Cathedral possesses the uniqueness of its own.

cathedral of brasilia

Cathedral of Brasilia | Image Resource :

inside view of cathedral of brasilia

Inside View of Cathedral of Brasilia | Image Resource :

All these days I have noticed the beautiful edifice in images only. This time it was touchable. The Cathedral that looks so amazing in pictures is even more enthralling in veracity. There are 16 columns in numbers and are concretely visible.

The parabolic shape of the columns look alike the hands facing the heaven. Brasilia is a unique city which is distinct from other cities of Brazil. The architectural edifices of the city reflect everything. The Cathedral is one among them. As the creation of an atheist, this cathedral is interestingly projected. It is for this reason that it took long years to get finally dedicated. It simply means that the foundation stone was laid in 1958 but it was opened to all in 1970.

I was moreover impressed by the noteworthy form of hands in the pose of offering prayer. Each of its columns weighs 90 tons. Yes, it is quiet astonishing! The wow factor about the cathedral is its entire structure. Some of the interesting features of the Cathedral include The Oval Baptistery, The Shroud of Turin inside the crypt, The Evangelists sculptures, The stained glass of the nave and The Altar. Cathedral of Brasilia possesses an identity of its own which attracts swarms of tourists to visit the place. We were fortunate to be one among them. With memorable reminiscences of the cathedral we moved towards our next destination to Museu Oscar Niemeyer Brazil.

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