Museu Oscar Niemeyer Brazil – Massive and Rich in Artifacts

The museum is the best thing to look over when you are on travel. We can treasure some of the world’s unknown facts with us. Moving to Museu Oscar Niemeyer Brazil, I think, happened to us as destiny. My eyes were wide opened when I first saw its image on the internet.

Truly, one of the great buildings of the world! Located at the heart of Curitiba, the museum was inaugurated in the year 2002 and in the month of November. Adarsh is big enough to understand the exhibits of the museum and so I liked it to great extent. And what I saw? My notorious little Akash was ready with some of his pranks.

The name of the museum is derived from its architect’s name who had designed this project. I was astonished to know that the construction of the museum was accomplished within the period of seven months. It ranks largest among all the exhibition complexes in Brazil. It consists of 400 seats auditorium, 16000 meter square for the display of artwork, leisure spaces, lifts and coffee.

museu oscar niemeyer brazil

Museu Oscar Niemeyer Brazil | Image Resource :

The shape of a large eye is given to the museum to make it distinct from others. We moved towards the walkway located underground. It connects the two edifices. The striking structure of the edifice is a revolution in the field of architecture. Moreover it is said that Mr. Oscar Niemeyer, the architect of the museum is genius in his own terms.

The museum is the domain and platform for the programs and workshops related with art and education. It is also a documentation centre and bequeaths guidance material for courses. We were so busy gazing at the museum and its artworks that we couldn’t notice that Akash was missing for a while. My heart was beating like anything!

We were searching him frantically. In the meantime I saw the security guard coming with my son to me. I was not into my senses for a few minutes. But thankfully God is there! We came out of Museu Oscar Niemeyer Brazil with our mood off but returned in joy. Soon taking the incident as nightmare we conquered our next destination of Theatro Municipal Sao Paulo.


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