The Journey from Social Awakening to Cultural Attractions – Arcos Da Lapa Rio De Janeiro Brazil

It was simply a breathtaking experience till yet at Brazil right from the place of accommodation to the places of attraction. The aspiring thoughts which were prevailing during the start of the journey were met with perfection and the unrivalled experiences which were never thought of before.

So far, the visit was amazing and comprised of visit to the distinct places like the museum, parks, mountain peaks and the serene beauty. But it would have been unfair to sum up the journey as the last destination was still to be explored. The Arcos da Lapa Rio de Janeiro Brazil is an outstanding monumental work undertaken during the period of colonial Rio. It holds the magnificent importance in the history of the place.

arcos da lapa rio de janeiro brazil

Arcos Da Lapa Rio De Janeiro Brazil | Image Resource :

The place is a nearest neighborhood to the Rio and serves as the prominent spot for nightlife and historical monuments. Constructed in eighteenth century this impressive aqueduct concentrates many restaurants, bars and is famous for its happening cultural life. The place has its peculiarity as the meeting point of maximum number of Brazilian artists performing the appreciable and admiring traditional Brazilian music.

The architectural work of the Lapa can be commended with the sight of Carioca Aqueduct which was built with an intention to fetch water from the river to the city in order to solve the water shortage problem. Now the Aqueduct serve as a bridge for the tram ride popular among the locals and especially the entertaining visitors like me.

The night life at the Arcos da Lapa Rio de Janeiro Brazil can only justify its establishment as the cultural attraction in the city. The place is considered as the best venue for the chamber music and keeping into mind not to obfuscate any artist, aggregates the various other musical trends. Overall Brazil has provided me with everything I have dreamt of while pursuing the journey. With so much to state and narrate to my fellow colleagues and other relatives,

I had to bid farewell to this motivating and enthusiastic place with strong determination to visit it again in the near future. The trip still refreshes me with its enchanting appeal and the intact memory gives an everlasting bonding with the place. It was an admiring and inspirational journey as a whole.


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