A heart melting combination of recreation and ancient heritage, Quinta da Boa Vista

Such a splendid creation reflecting a historical landmark stands as a pride to the city. Precisely saying, each corner of the land is designed with vibrant and bursting culture blended with a high pulsating sense of heritage and ancient history. The wide spread tourist attraction provides the visitors with impressive and memorable trips. Going along the southern part of Brazil, there was my next exciting spot to visit which was the Quinta da Boa Vista Brazil. It is the oldest zoo and the iconic park housing the largest natural museum which was formerly the residence to the Royal family.

quinta da boa vista entrance brazil

Quinta da Boa Vista Entrance Brazil | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org

Not only the tourists but the local people were equally seen in huge numbers enjoying peacefully lying on the sloping lawns of the garden area. The place has been famous as the popular public park. The grassy hills around the lake boundary gave me a meditating and relaxed feeling. But the main attractive corners are the Rio Zoo and the museum. The park’s open areas hold the number of concerts during the summers. The lake crowned a beautiful island housing a Greco-Roman styled temple. The swan shaped boating attraction amused my kids wholeheartedly.

sao cristovao palace brazil

Sao Cristovao Palace Brazil | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org

The featuring element of that attractive place is the Sao Cristovao Palace built in neo classical styled structure. The neatly maintained sprawling and landscaped garden face the palace’s entrance giving it a royal look. The palace was earlier the residence of the Brazil’s imperial family which was then transformed as National Museum after the establishment of First Brazilian Republic. The museum presently hosts many exhibitions on anthropology and natural history. The displays were simply captivating, especially the marvels like largest meteorite ever found in the country and the ‘Luzia’, the oldest skeleton uncovered within the Latin America.

rio’s zoo brazil

Rio’s Zoo Brazil | Image Resource : riofilmcommission.com

giraffe in rio’s zoo brazil

Giraffe in Rio’s Zoo Brazil | Image Resource : tripomatic.com

elephant in rio’s zoo brazil

Elephant in Rio’s Zoo Brazil | Image Resource : tripomatic.com

The Rio’s Zoo was the pleasing part to the kids basically. Lying on the west part of the park, it housed many specific creatures like Blue Macaw with huge collection of other species like giraffe and elephant. The authority was delivering a commendable duty in order to protect the species from any harm either from the natural beings or the outsiders. The neoclassical gate at Quinta da Boa Vista Brazil stood at the entrance of the zoo which was once the welcoming note to the famous palace. The place left an awe inspiring thought in us and we moved towards the hotel with more expectations of the next spot, Sugarloaf Mountain Brazil.


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