Sugarloaf Mountain Brazil – A Special Sweetness to Shower on Its Visitors

Each picture on the walls of the Royal palace has an interesting story of its history. Though the palace has now taken a form of a museum, its presentation as the traditional residence for the Royal family of Brazil has not yet deteriorated.

The impeccable view and the scintillating features of the place have left an everlasting memory to my mind and heart. The day has been spent beyond expectations at the beautiful park with more cherishing enthusiasm for the next spot, the Sugarloaf Mountain Brazil, an iconic symbol located at Rio de Janeiro.

sugarloaf mountain brazil

Sugarloaf Mountain Brazil | Image Resource :

The morning fresh air welcomed us with cold breezes paddling onto our faces while peeping from the windows of the hotel room. The salubrious climate added stars to our fortune and filled us with more joys and pleasures. We headed towards the destination and the kids were more excited about the place due to its amusing cable car rides. It provides unparalleled panoramic views to the city’s chief destinations like the Rio Niteroi Bridge, Guanabara Bay and the Corcovado Mountain. Forwarding towards the Urca neighborhood at 700 feet above sea level, lays the vantage point to ascend towards the mountain peak.

sugarloaf mountain cable car

Sugarloaf Mountain Cable Car | Image Resource :

No sooner, we reached a height of 1300 feet through a second cable car ride. Capturing the spectacular views over the city, we were ascended towards the main peak of the mountain. It was indeed the famous natural landmark of the world formed nearly 600 million years ago. The name has its origin from the concentrated sugarcane loaf packed for export purposes earlier by the Portuguese colonists. It is one of the most sought after and recognized tourist attractions in the area mouthing the Bay which serves the navigation purpose also for the invaders.

Whatever is the past history, the present comfort and ease of the cable car to reach Sugarloaf Mountain Brazil did bloom the hearts of my kids to a far extent. The views of the Copacabana Beach and the other fond beaches were marvelous standing on the top most point of the peak. The 4 hour round journey was highly admirable and unbelievable to excite us very much. The priceless experience with gorgeous views and the endless snapshots still amuse me with an everlasting appeal. We backed to the downtown Rio and marched towards our place of stay i.e. Fasano Hotel Sao Paulo.


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