The Pushkin Museum of fine arts : a walk through European Glory

Continuing my visit to Moscow with my family, it was time for some exploration. We had decided to visit the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts which is a 200 year old collection of unique and rare artefacts from various post-renaissance periods in Europe’s history.

I am business analyst and not very proficient in art history, but my wife is deeply interested in the appreciation of fine arts. Nevertheless it does not take a connoisseur of art to get enthralled by the beautiful collection at the Pushkin Museum. The Pushkin Museum is named after the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

The visit to the Pushkin Museum was also a great educational experience for my boys. They had this golden opportunity to see and embrace what they simply read in their history text books. They were enjoying every moment. The guided tours to different portions of the museum are not only educational but also quite entertaining and engaging. The three most important collections in the museum are dedicated to Fine Arts, Archaeology and numismatics.

pushkin museum of fine arts moscow

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts Moscow | Image Resource :

It was like we were walking on the shoulder of the giants themselves, it was in fact so realistic. The museum has been designed in a way so as to create environments that suite and diffuse into the common sentiments of the collections in a particular section. For example the section on Russian art had been decorated with Prussian tapestries and carpets. The chandeliers also reflected the art and lives of the pre revolution days in Russia.

the cast gallery at the pushkin museum of fine arts moscow

The Cast Gallery at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts Moscow | Image Resource :

The Fine Arts section contains a number of rare collections which include Fayumm’s Mummy Portraits, the Moscow Mathematical Papyrus and selected works of Van Gogh himself. I just could not embrace the outpouring beauty and emotion entirely. The section contains paintings from both the impressionist and post-impressionist eras and the Pushkin is among the selective museums is the world to have such a rare collection from both the eras of modern art.

The Archaeology section’s most popular and attractive artefact has to Priam’s Gold Treasure from Troy. Another rare collection is the Dresden collection. Only specific sections of the Numismatics collection are currently open to public. In entirety this visit was an unforgettable and inspiring one for me and my family.


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