Moscow Zoo : A Journey Into the Pure Wilderness

Almost every major city of the world has its own zoo. My wife and I argued while finalising our itinerary over the entertainment quotient of visiting a simple zoo in Moscow when there is so much more to see. We checked in the history of the Moscow Zoo, Russia and then visited its official website. We had our answer. The kids were going to have a hell of a time visiting the Moscow zoo, it was quite evident to both of us that this is not going to be an ordinary zoo experience, and something wonderful lies in store for us. Just the architecture of the castle shaped entrance this historic zoo is enough to engross you for hours at once.

moscow zoo entrance

Moscow Zoo Entrance | Image Resource :

The zoo spans across an area of 53 acres. It is almost impossible to survey the entire mega-structure in just one day. All my family and I could do was to see some of its highlights but rest assured it was much more than what we could embrace and absorb. The zoo has to major sections which are connected through a footbridge with a large water body flowing underneath. People often argue against zoo visits and support visits to a sanctuary or national park. The simple reason is the natural settings and peaceful environment. There is no greater joy than to observe the beautiful creatures in their niche and natural habitat.

White tiger in the moscow zoo

White Tiger in the Moscow Zoo | Image Resource :

white whale training at moscow zoo

White Whale Training at Moscow Zoo | Image Resource :

The Moscow zoo is not an ordinary zoo, I say it again. The zoo has kept every animal in its most natural environment and there is absolutely nothing artificial about the entire zoo. One has the added advantage of being able to see these majestic creatures without any risk and with surety unlike any natural reserve.

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The zoo is home to 6000 different animals and over a thousand different species. There are sections dedicated to different sections dedicated to Marsupials, Primates and carnivores like bears. A mega aquarium has also been set up with rare sea creatures. The section for kids include a Creatures of the Night show, A Sea Lion Show and a show featuring rare and unique trained birds. My wife and I joined my kids in each of these shows. I didn’t want them to miss any part of this unique opportunity. The waterfalls and streams in the zoo add to its natural beauty and serenity.


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