Experience Chills and the Thrills of the Poles in St. Petersburg

There are many museums of art and historical artefacts in all of Europe and some of the best are located in Russia. Only a handful of museums in the world are dedicated to polar exploration. Only a few museums have the distinction of hosting pieces of modern and historical relevance to polar exploration.

The Arctic and Antarctic Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia is the largest museum built primarily for Polar exploration and is the only in the world to have artefacts from both the poles. The museum gives a deep insight into the history, relevance and future of Polar exploration in the world.

The museum has a number of sections. Some are hosting educational trips for tourists regarding various milestones in polar exploration showcasing historical and modern equipments. Other sections focus on important men and women who have contributed towards exploration and discoveries in the Arctic and the Antarctic.

arctic and antarctic museum st petersburg

Arctic and Antarctic Museum St Petersburg | Image Resource : potolkimaker.com

It is a celebration of the human spirit to know more, to explore more and to discover more. The harsh conditions of the poles and the chills of their cold winds cannot cool off the passion for knowledge. Many men and women have even sacrificed their life to uphold this human tradition.

My kids enjoyed the trip to the Arctic and Antarctic Museum to the fullest. It was both entertaining and educational for them. They could not even blink at times. It was great to see them have fun while learning which is so rare to find in the contemporary teaching system where they are just overburdened with facts.

inside arctic and antarctic museum st petersburg

Inside Arctic and Antarctic Museum St Petersburg | Image Resource : inyourpocket.com

The biggest and not to be missed attraction is the section relating to the great Chelyuskin rescue of 1934. Some rare mementos of that fateful incident are preserved at the museum. Listening to the brave rescue operation my wife’s eyes turned wet. We realised that spirit of survival is basic to mankind and all creatures no matter how much we learn and grow.

After an emotional, educational and exciting trip to the Arctic and Antarctic museum is St. Petersburg we head towards our next destination in Russia with even more passion, curiosity and excitement.


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