The Resting Place of the Last Tsar : Church Of All Saints Yekaterinburg

The last tsar or Russia Tsar Nicolas II and his family were murdered during the Russian Civil War. The spot where on that fateful day of 1812 this dreadful event in European history took place today stands the monument commemorating the Last Tsar of Russia.

The Tsars ruled most of modern Russia for over 400 years, and form a major part of the Russian heritage and culture. The Church of All Saints is a symbol of acceptance by the people of Russia of the Tsars and the fact that whatever be their legacy they are an integral part of the Russian history and deserve their place.

church of all saints yekaterinburg russia

Church Of All Saints Yekaterinburg Russia | Image Resource :

The church of all saints is no longer just a monument, in fact few in Russia are fully aware of its historical significance, and it is much more popular for its extravagant architecture and beautiful interior. It attracts thousands of tourists like me every year to the province of Yekaterinburg, Russia. The Church is a Russian orthodox church are the full name is The Church on Blood in Honour of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian Land in Yekaterinburg. The church commemorates and remembers the Romanov’s of Russia.

A trip to the Church of all saints took me and my family to a very violent but integral part of Russia’s history. It gave us a chance to explore a less touched page of the civil war days in Russia. We could feel the upheaval that could have taken place when a former monarch as being executed. It is only apt that a holy church has been constructed on the resting place of the last tsar. It is love and faith that can wash away the stains of blood and hatred.

The churches spread over Russia are all unique in design and architecture. The paintings and glass work used inside the Church of all saints is also mesmerizing and novel. The three domes, the big central dome and two shorter ones on each side give it a non-conventional look owing to its quite modern origin, much more recent when compared to other orthodox churches in Russia.

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