Nizhny Novgorod, The future of Russian lifestyle

Nizhny Novgorod is among the largest cities in Russia; in fact it is the fifth largest. The city was established in its modern form way back in the 16th century and therefore is by no means a modern city. Once we entered the Novgorod railway station after travelling in a high speed Sapsan Train from the Moscow, Domodedovo railway station we realised that we have entered a city which is among the most advanced in Russia.

novgorod railway station russia

Novgorod Railway Station Russia | Image Resource :

The city of Nizhny is among the few cities selected for development and an overhauling modernization keeping the 2018 FIFA world cup in sight. Russia is going to host their first FIFA world cup in the 21st century and it is going to be a show of its strength, prosperity and skill. A lot of nationalistic sentiments are at stake. The city of Nizhny will host a number of matches at a, to be built international stadium with the capacity to hold 45000 spectators.

nizhny novgorod scenery russia

Nizhny Novgorod scenery Russia | Image Resource :

A lot of funds and resources are being diverted towards the city and the results are showing up. The newly established resorts and entertainment centers are attracting tourists from around the world. As a business analyst I was quite inspired with the inclusive growth business model that the Russian government has applied in the city boosting local economy.

kremlin tower russia

Kremlin Tower Russia | Image Resource :

My family and I first visited the Kremlin tower built in the year 1511. We were left awestruck; in some aspects it was even better than the Moscow Kremlin. The city also has a number of art and history museums. We visited the renowned art gallery in Nizhny Novgorod which is famous for its rare collection of self-portraits and contemporary Russian art. The gallery is also home to one of the largest collection of East-Asian Art.

While we entered into the last leg of journey to Russia, I decided that we should all sit down and take stock of how much we have seen and explored. In the busy and uncertain lives that we live today I didn’t know if we would have such an opportunity to tour together like a family again. We sat down in a peaceful restaurant at the famous city center and while eating traditional Prussian cuisine shared our memorable experiences with each other.


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