Vasa Museum : A voyage to the 17th century

After a good short nap at our Comfort Hotel Stockholm, we were ready to begin our adventure. We have decided to visit all the major tourist destinations of the city, a few which I will be sharing through my posts. The first destination which we visited was the famous Vasa Museum of Stockholm.

vasa museum stockholm sweden

Vasa Museum Stockholm Sweden | Image Resource :

The Vasa museum is a maritime museum which opened first in 1990. The museum houses the fully intact ship of the 17th century called Vasa. Located on the island of Djurgarden, the Vasa museum is home to that 64 gun wartime vessel, Vasa which sank on her maiden voyage. As a lover of history and interesting sites, this museum was quite a treat for all us. The way this nearly 400 old ship had been salvaged and restored as a cultural heritage is fascinating beyond words.

The main hall of the museum houses the ship in addition to the various archaeological findings of the 17th century which were related to the Vasa ship. There have been many architects and technicians who have worked on the beautification and renovation of the ship. The ship has now been fitted with the lower sections of all the three masts and bowsprit.

The building of the museum is equally fascinating which is dominated by a huge copper roof with amazing stylized mast representing the actual height of Vasa when she was fully rigged. The building is covered in wooden panels painted in various shades. The interior was astonishing with a large section been unpainted, bare concrete. The place served as a good point to start with our trip to this part of the world.

Everyone seemed to have enjoyed with this wonderful trip to this museum. There was so much to learn about the history, culture and architecture of the country from this place itself. The place was thronged by so many tourists when we visited the museum that it was quite evident that the museum is one of the most visited places in Stockholm.

After our trip to Vasa museum, we were ready for our next place of visit which was the Djurgarden Island in Stockholm.


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