Djurgarden Stockholm : A Fairytale Island

After our trip to the historic Vasa museum it was now turn to visit the famous island situated in the central area of Stockholm known as Djurgarden. The Djurgaden Island, is home to many historical buildings, amusement parks, museums and one of the favourite recreation points of the people in Stockholm.

djurgarden stockholm

Djurgarden Stockholm | Image Resource :

The island of Djurgarden belongs to the National City Park and was opened for the public in 1995. The amusement park of Djurgaden is the most visited of all the places in the island. The kids were very excited to visit the place and it was their special request to stay in this place for a little longer than usual.

abba museum djurgarden

ABBA Museum Djurgarden | Image Resource :

Our trip to Djurgarden began with a short trip to the ABBA museum, a museum which is solely dedicated to the pop music group ABBA. The next place we visited was the Grona Lund amusement park, the favourite of all the kids in the island. The place was thronged by children and one could really see the joy on their faces.

The amusement park had roller coaster riders along with many other swings and merry go round. Apart from these there were many other rides for children and toddlers alike. The place was liked too much by them. This so far had been the place where they had enjoyed the most.

There is also a scenic lake called Isbaldskaret. We sat beside this lake for half an hour and the joy and serenity watching the birds was quite an amazing experience. We also went for a short trip to Nordic museum which I had requested, being a lover of history. The museum houses all the socially relevant artefacts from the history of Sweden. it was a good informative trip to the museum.

rosendal palace djurgarden

Rosendal Palace Djurgarden | Image Resource :

skansen museum djurgarden

Skansen Museum Djurgarden | Image Resource :

Other places which we visited included the Rosendal Palace and an open air museum called Skansen. Overall the trip to Djurgarden was an experience of a lifetime. We took many memories of that place which we will fondly remember and cherish all our life.

The next place which we decided to visit in Djurgarden was the Skansen open air museum.

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