Comfort and Luxury at Comfort Hotel, Stockholm

After our long hour flight from Udaipur to Stockholm, we were finally happy and all charged up at reaching Sweden. The taxi was there to receive us from the airport which took us to our hotel. The hotel was already booked by me in advance using the online booking. The hotel name was Comfort hotel Stockholm Sweden. It was one of the premier hotels in Stockholm and by the reviews it was one of those preferred by the international tourists due to its location.

comfort hotel stockholm sweden

Comfort Hotel Stockholm Sweden | Image Resource :

On reaching the hotel we were welcomed very pleasantly by the hotel staff. They gave us welcome drinks for refreshments. On completing the check in formality at the airport we were escorted to our room by the staff. The rooms at the hotel were very good. It was beyond our expectations. The kids wanted to take a power nap and so do us, so we decided to take a shower and order some food from the room service before we take a short nap.

The hotel was very conveniently located in the main area of Stockholm. The hotel was big one with some 163 rooms. Our room was big enough equipped with state of the art technology and all the modern amenities from coffee making machines to a safe. There was also complimentary free wifi service along with a flat screen television. the bathroom was also equally amazing with availability of both hot and cold water.

bedroom view of comfort hotel stockholm sweden

Bedroom View of Comfort Hotel Stockholm Sweden | Image Resource :

The kids took a shower quickly and changed and so did we. We ordered some continental food from the menu from the hotel restaurant. It was made available to us within 20 minutes of ordering. The fod was quite delicious and after stuffing that mouth watering food we were all craving for some desserts. The bakery shop inside the hotel served our needs. We decided to take some rest. I was quite happy in booking the Comfort Hotel Stockholm Sweden. The decision of booking the hotel was big gamble which eventually paid off.

comfort hotel stockholm breakfast venue

Comfort Hotel Stockholm Breakfast Venue | Image Resource :

After our short sleep break we were ready with our adventure. The first destination o our list was the Vasa Museum at Stockholm, Sweden.


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