Skansen Open Air Museum : A treat for all lovers of history

The Djurgarden Island was a vast place with many places of interest like the amusement park and museums and places. One such place of interest on the island was the open air museum of Skansen. The museum was tribute to the traditional and cultural heritage of Sweden. The museum was built in 1881 and while whole European societies were undergoing an Industrial transformation in the 19th century, Sweden was no exception. So in order to preserve some of the lost cultural and traditional heritage of Sweden this museum was built.

The history of the museum is very interesting for any lover of culture and traditional knowledge. The founder of this museum, Arthur Azelius, it is said travelled throughout Sweden to bring and transport 150 houses, shipped piece by piece to this museum in order to preserve the picture of traditional Sweden. They feared that this rapid industrialization will take over the rural aspects and give way to modernity where the traditional knowledge will be lost forever.

skansen open air museum

Skansen Open Air Museum | Image Resource :

the skansen open air museum - natural exhibitions

The Skansen Open Air Museum – Natural exhibitions | Image Resource :

The museum used to be a part of the Nordic museum but since 1968 it was an independent building. The open air museum spans an area of 75 acres where different craftsmen display their skills from time to time. There are open fields growing different crops and yields. We saw one such field growing tobacco which is used for the making of cigarettes.

The open air zoo was the favourite area of everyone inside the Skansen museum. The museum houses rare Scandinavian animals like brown bear, moose, gray seal, lynx, otter, and red fox and so on. Watching these animals was joy in itself. The farmsteads inside the museum too have housed many rare farm animals.

brown bear in skansen open air museum

Brown Bear in Skansen Open Air Museum | Image Resource :

moose in skansen open air museum

Moose in Skansen Open Air Museum | Image Resource :

There were quite a number of tourists from mixed races inside the Skansen museum which suggested that tourists from around the world visit this unique and one of a kind museum in this part of the world. All of us seemed to have been thrilled with the visit to the open air museum.

The next place in our visit was the Monteliusvägen, a beautiful and scenic pathway along the astonishing Lake Malaren.

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