An Evening Walk at Monteliusvägen

We were done with our trip to the beautiful Skansen open air museum after which we had taken a break before visiting more places in this beautiful city of Stockholm. We had tried the amazing and mouth-watering local Scandinavian cuisines in the mean time. The next place which we decided to visit while in Stockholm was the Monteliusvägen.

Monteliusvägen is a beautiful half a kilometre walk along the Lake Malaren in Stockholm. We visited the place around the time of sunset and the view that this pathway offered was exotic. The panoramic view of the city gave such an amazing feeling of joy inside that it cannot be captured in words. The place during sunset is truly a delight for photographers.

We had a good photography session at Monteliusvägen and captured many shots of the pathway from different angles. The Lake Malaren in the offset adds many dimensions to the beauty of this walkway. The most amazing thing about the Monteliusvägen pathway was that it had beautiful houses, charming Swedish architectural structures on one side and the breathtaking view of the lake on the other side.


Monteliusvägen | Image Resource :

There were many visitors and local residents of Stockholm that throng Monteliusvägen to take an evening stroll and come for chit chat. This place is the best in Stockholm to visit if one wants to feel and experience some serenity. After our walk we sat on one of the wooden planks and chatted for long time. The photographs of the city and the panoramic image of the Lake Malaren was the most astonishing view captured in our camera.

The sunset in the background and the sweet smell of cool air in the atmosphere had made us all feel refreshed and charged up for more adventure in this beautiful part of the world. The view of City Hall of Stockholm and Riddarholmen from the pathway was also beautiful.

After getting all refreshed and charged up after our evening stroll at Monteliusvägen we decided to go back to our hotel and have our dinner. The following day we had decided to visit the famous Drottningholm Palace of Sweden.


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