The Beauty and Royalty of Drottningholm Palace

We had visited some amazing places in Stockholm so far from open air museums to the beautiful walkways. The next place of visit was a historic place, the Royal palace Drottninholm of Sweden at Stockholm. Palaces and Kingdoms has always been my fascination, they not only gave an idea of the rich history of the place but also the architecture of the palaces provides an answer to how art and knowledge flourished in those times.

The Drottningham Palace is the residence of the Royal Swedish family. The palace is located on the island of Lovon in the municipality of Stockholm and built in the 16th century and since then the palace has served as the residence of the Swedish Royal family. The palace is today one of the world heritage site by UNESCO. Apart from being a Royal residence it is also a tourist destination with part of the palace open for tourists.

drottningholm palace stockholm

Drottningholm Palace Stockholm | Image Resource :

We went to the palace at 10 in the morning and that time there were many other visitors to from around the world who came to visit the palace. The most intriguing part of this palace was the church which was located inside the palace complex. The church is said to be build around in 18th century. Having visited many palaces around the world and even in India, I found one thing common, a presence of any religious institution inside the palace complex. This signifies the close association of King and Religion who together exercises Power/Control over their subjects.

The palace theatre too inside the complex was built beautifully and it hosts many opera shows and functions since decades. On the grounds of the palace there is a Chinese inspired pavilion. The architectural beauty of the palace along with the other majestic structures and the lovely gardens of the palace gave us an amazing and unforgettable experience. The gardens inside the Palace were simply astonishing. One was the English garden and the other was the bouquet garden.

Overall, the visit to Stockholm Drottningholm Palace was a great and successful trip. After this visit we went to the Royal Opera house at Stockholm.


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