The Royal Opera House : A Beautiful Neo-Classical Architecture

After completing our visit to the Royal Palace of Drottningholm, we visited the Royal Opera House at Stockholm. The Royal Opera house is the national stage for ballet and opera at Sweden. The building is located in the heart of the Stockholm city and one of the most visited places in the country. The opera was founded in the 18th century and its first performance was held in 1773 in the native language.

royal opera house stockholm sweden

Royal Opera House Stockholm Sweden | Image Resource :

The new opera is known as the Oscerian Opera or simply called the Operan. The building is classic example of a neo classical architecture. The opera has a magnificent golden foyer and an astonishing staircase that leads to a three tier auditorium. The seating capacity of the opera house is 1200 with one box reserved exclusively for the Royal Swedish family.

Auditorium in royal opera house stockholm sweden

Auditorium in Royal Opera House Stockholm Sweden | Image Resource :

The architecture of the Royal opera house was amazing and intriguing. It gave an example of the period of Enlightenment and Neo Classical. The architectural marvel of this place is reflected in the art and paintings of the previous opera performances of the 18th and 19th century Sweden.

Most of the performances during that time were held in the local languages and since 20th century performances in English started taking place. The main theatre was brilliant and huge with a seating of more than 1000 people at once. The opera had a good sound system also. The Opera building also gave an example of how much the Royal family were lovers of art and music. It was evident not only from Opera house outside structure but also the interiors of the place are astonishing.

The paintings and photographs of the early operas and the people who came to attend it hang on walls inside the Opera house. We all had this sudden urge and love of Opera and we all wanted to attend one show but there were no such show on that day. Nevertheless we clicked some amazing pictures of the Opera house to take them with us.

After our trip to the Royal opera House, we next decided to visit the Swedish History Museum.


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