The Swedish History Museum : The Rich Culture and Heritage on Display

Once we were done with our visit to the Royal Opera House at Stockholm, Sweden, we visited the History Museum of Sweden located at Stockholm. The museum is one of the largest in the country of Sweden that has covered all the themes from Swedish history to archaeology from Mesolithic age onwards. As a lover of history I was quite fascinated and excited to visit the place. The museum houses some 10 million artefacts from across Sweden.

The museum gave us good knowledge and information about the history and culture of not only Sweden but of other Scandinavian nations like Norway, Finland and son. The history of the Royal family of Sweden is also captured by the museum. We had a lot to learn about the different races and traditional knowledge of Sweden from this museum.

swedish history museum

Swedish History Museum | Image Resource :

There were also artefacts which showed about the horrific effects of the two world wars on the European nations. The main attraction inside the museum was the Gold Room, where a huge quantity of Gold and Silver artefacts is put on a display. These are very old artefacts some dating 1000 years back.

treasure finds in the gold room of the swedish history museum

Intricate Muslim Architecture At The Paigah Tombs In Hyderabad | Image Resource :

The museum is also a good site to see objects and find information about the Vikings. There were subtitles in English on all the displays. We had taken an audio guide in English for this trip to museum in order to understand the traditional artefacts and its history. The rich culture and heritage put on display at the Natural History Museum of Sweden has a lot of knowledge for the seekers and for those who are simply interested in learning about the culture of Sweden.

The gift shop in the museum has many important and interesting artefacts to buy and keep as memory of this Swedish trip. We also had a delicious coffee and some sandwiches at the restaurant of the museum. The staffs of the museum were very friendly and the best thing was that this museum was maintained very well by its authority.

coffee and sandwiches

Coffee and Sandwiches | Image Resource :

After this delighting trip to the History Museum we planned for our visit to the final destination of our trip to Tyska Kirkan at Stockholm, about which I will be sharing in the following post.


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