Tyska Kyrkan : A Divine Place of God

So when we were done with our trip to the national history museum of Sweden, we decided to conclude our trip to Sweden by a final visit to another historic place of Sweden, known as Tyska Kyrkan. It is also known as the German Church or simply as the St Gertrude’s Church. The church is located in the old town of Stockholm.

The church has history which is very old. It was founded in 14th century when Germans dominated the neighbourhood where it is built. The exterior of the church was simply amazing and the architectural marvel reflected in its brick steeple and copper covered spire. The structure of the church gave many good photographs and we clicked many shots to capture this beautiful church in our camera.

tyska kyrkan

Tyska Kyrkan | Image Resource : sv.wikipedia.org

The statues of Jesus and Moses signify the Old Testament and the New Testament. There were also slogans written in Swedish language which translated as “Praise the Lord” and Honour the King”. The church and King always had an alliance on how to rule over their subjects. The church always gave advice to Kings on all the matters related to social, political and economic concerns of the Kingdom.

The interiors of the church were as exotic as the exteriors. The large windows inside the church makes it overflowed with light. The atrium inside the church has a window which houses St Gertrude. The vibes and the feeling of peace inside the church complex were quite divine and we all felt the presence of some feeling of serene and calm.

There were quite a number of tourists inside the church and also those who has come for the prayers. The church organizes mass on Sundays. As we were roaming on the streets and markets of Sweden, we saw many churches but none of them came as close as this one when it comes to the beautiful architecture.

After the trip to Tyska Kyrkan we concluded our visit to Sweden. So far we had brilliant memories of the place, some captured in our camera but the most beautiful ones were captured in our heart which we will cherish throughout our life.


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