Stay Fit with Fitness Apps – Choose What Suits You

Exercise is very important to maintain overall health and wellness. But for everyone, this fitness regimen is different. Some prefer moderate exercise, while others prefer vigorous physical activity. Running, walking, and trekking are all good, but what you like and what is suitable to you is equally important. So how can everyone follow the same physical fitness regimen?

In this tech savvy world, it’s not necessary to hire a fitness trainer and spend a huge sum of money on it. A more quick and accessible way (that I prefer) is to download a suitable fitness app, and just follow it. These apps can monitor your fitness or diet and also are a constant reminder to check and help in your progress. Here, I am listing a few apps that will help you to stay fit.


Tracking your daily workout activities is easier now with fitness apps | Image Resource :

  • Human ios: This app is most suitable for the beginners. Those who find hard to start with use this. This simple app encourages you to spend 30 minutes for your physical activity. This app offers encouragement by sharing your progress on a social networking site of your choice.
  • Argus: This app keeps a watch on you. As long as you carry your phone, this will track your activity, water and food consumption.
  • Accupedo: This app, on the other hand, is apt for avid walkers. This accurate pedometer can track your distance covered, calories burnt and time taken.
  • Cyclemeter: Most suitable for cyclist, this app can also be used by walkers, runners or other activities.
    Nike+basketball (ios): It is apt for basketball players. It can track your running speed, your jumps, and your body quickness. You can also share your stats.
  • Lose it: Most people want a regimen to lose weight. This app monitors your diet as well as physical activity. Enter your stats and it will tell you how many calories you have lost
  • Gorilla workout: This is an app suitable for those who prefer to stay at home and want to be in shape. This app starts off simple and levels high on progression.
fitness apps

Fitness Apps | Image Resource :

There are many other apps too, where you need not spend too much, nor you have to hit the gym. All you need to do to stay fit and healthy is download a suitable app and follow it. So why waste time, get an app now. Happy exercising!!!

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