Museum Of Vancouver – The Largest Civic Museum In Canada

After having a great time at the Classical Chinese garden the next destination that we headed towards was the Museum of Vancouver which was formerly known as Vancouver museum. Both my kids were very eager to visit this civic museum of Vancouver as they are always keen to know more about the history. Established in the year 1894 this local museum situated in the Vanier Park of Vancouver is of great significance as it is the oldest museum in Vancouver and also holds the honour of being the largest civic museum of Canada.

Museum of Vancouver

Museum of Vancouver | Image Resource :

The museum was built long back but has gone through major renovation recently in the year 2008. The museum holds exhibitions and programs that focus on the past, present and the future prospects of the Vancouver city. The permanent exhibits of this museum narrate the history of Vancouver from the early 1900s to the late 1970s. The contemporary exhibits of the Vancouver museum are really groundbreaking. The museum shares its resources with the H. R. Macmillan Space centre.

Bicycle in Museum of Vancouver

Bicycle in Museum of Vancouver | Image Resource :

Located at the 1100 chestnut street in the Vanier Park this museum is easily accessible from all parts of the city via public transport.  The museum shares its park with the Vancouver Academy of music, the Vancouver Archives, Vancouver Maritime museum and the Bard on the beach. Built by the Art, Historical and scientific Association of the city of Vancouver this museum aims at relishing the beauty and refinements in life. This museum has been affiliated to prominent institutions namely the British Columbia Museum association, Virtual Museum of Canada, CHIN and CMA.

Animals Statue in Museum of Vancouver

Animals Statue in Museum of Vancouver | Image Resource :

The building of the museum of Vancouver was designed by the famous architect Gerard Hamilton and incorporates a planetarium as well. The roof of the museum is distinctive as it resembles the shape of a woven basket hat. The artefacts that are kept on display in the museum tell the story of the golden past of the Metro Vancouver area. The museum houses more than 65000 entities in its collection which can be searched online on the website of the MOV.

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