Kitsilano Beach Vancouver – Fun With The Sun, Sand And Sea

There are so many places worth visiting at Vancouver it’s difficult to pick one at a time.  After visiting the Museum of Vancouver the next site that we visited was the Kitsilano beach at Vancouver. The visit to the Vancouver museum was quite a knowledgeable experience and both my kids enjoyed it a lot. I am a person who loves to spend calm and peaceful evenings amidst the splendour of nature. Going to a beach was a perfect opportunity for me to experience such calmness and soothing atmosphere.

The Kitsilano Beach of Vancouver is one of the most preferred tourist attractions of the city. Vacationers from local areas as well as far off places gather to this beach in large volumes to seek refuge from the scorching summer sun. The beautiful beach faces the Burrard Inlet and is situated at the northern edge of the Kitsilano neighbourhood. The Salt – water outdoor swimming pool named as the Kitsilano pool which is housed at the Kitsilano beach is recognized as the longest swimming pool of Canada.

Kitsilano Beach Vancouver

Kitsilano Beach Vancouver | Image Resource :

The pool is maintained by the Vancouver Park Board and is open to public in the summer season. There are a number of beach volleyball courts and a playground towards the northern part of the Kitsilano beach. The old bath house at Kitsilano was demolished and a modern structure was constructed replacing it in the year 2005. The new bath house structure also features the Watermark restaurant that is located at the top of it. The view from the top floor of this structure is one of the best views in the entire city; it is really awe – inspiring.

Recently the Watermark restaurant is sold to a franchise and is now converted into The Boathouse restaurant. The view at the Kitsilano beach was so serene and refreshing that I felt my mind and body were rejuvenated. We tasted some delicious food at the Boathouse restaurant and then headed back to our hotel as the day ended. We were quite excited to explore more such beautiful scenic places in Vancouver during our trip.


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