Wreck Beach Vancouver – A Gorgeous Hidden Beach Of Canada

After a pleasant day spent at the Kitsilano beach the next destination that we headed towards was also a famous beach of Vancouver. The Wreck beach is located at NW Marine DR, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2 in Canada. It lies in the province of British Columbia and is well connected to all the major areas of the city.

Wreck Beach Vancouver

Wreck Beach Vancouver | Image Resource : boredinvancouver.com

The Wreck beach of Vancouver is a famous beach located in the Pacific Spirit Regional Park. It is quite a divergent beach in being a clothing – optional beach of Canada.  The clothing – optional region of this beach is clearly demarcated via sign boards. This area stretches over around 6.7 kilometres from the famous Acadia beach that lies to the north of the Booming grounds creek. This creek is located on the northern wing of the Fraser River. The entire park is managed by the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

My wife and I went to this beach and we really enjoyed the time we spent there. There are stairs that lead visitors down to the beach and then back up. One might need to watch his steps as the stairs are a bit tricky. Especially in the rainy season the stairs might become quite slippery. Once we reached the bottom the view of the beach is really awesome. There is a peaceful aura at the beach with a lot of timber that has been washed up on the beach.

There is a nice trail along the Wreck beach and we enjoyed our walk along the beach. The trail is named as the Foreshore trail. It is a beautiful path to take long strolls as it meanders in and out the woods. It took around two hours to cover the whole area. There were also a couple of nude bathers but its fine as everyone keeps to themselves at the Wreck beach. Bikes and dogs are not allowed at the beach. The trail is a bit tough as it might get narrow and rocky at certain points. So I wouldn’t recommend bringing kids along when visiting this beach.


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