Lynn Canyon Park Vancouver – A Day Spent In the Arms of Nature

As our holiday at Vancouver came to an end the last destination that we visited there was the Lynn canyon park of Vancouver. Located at the district of North Vancouver in British Columbia this municipal park is stretched over an area of 612 acres of land. This famous tourist destination of Vancouver was established in the year 1912. At the time of its inauguration the Lynn Canyon Park of Vancouver comprised of only 12 acres of land which was later extended to its current status.

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge | Image Resource :

The park is most suitable for those who are interested in active tourism pursuits such as hiking and camping. There are a number of hiking trails in the park that vary according to their lengths and difficulties.  The trail named Baden –Powell passes through this park. The Lynn canyon suspension bridge is the most exciting to cross through. The natural landscape of this park is very thrilling. Due to its lush environs many television series such as the Stargate SG – 1 and the Stargate Atlantis have used this area for shooting purposes.

Lynn Canyon Park Vancouver

Lynn Canyon Park Vancouver | Image Resource :

Within the Lynn canyon park located at the Northern part of Vancouver lays the Lynn canyon ecology centre. This building houses exhibits related to the natural history of British Columbia. The exhibits of this ecology centre aim at generating awareness about the local and global environmental problems.

Both my kids were very keen to explore the park and the articles kept on display drew their interest towards them. The Lynn canyon Ecology centre was opened for public in the year 1971. The building in itself is a masterpiece as it resembles a Pacific Dogwood blossom which is the official flower of the British Columbian province.

Swimming Hole at Lynn Canyon Park

Swimming Hole at Lynn Canyon Park | Image Resource :

The North Vancouver parks facility looks after the management of the Ecology centre. The centre is designed to create environmental awareness about local and global ecosystems in a very interactive and fun way. Admittance to the Lynn canyon Ecological garden is free but a donation of $2 is required. There is also a gift shop in the vicinity of the park that serves tourists during the peak seasons.

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