Treasured Trekking Venture in Himalayas

I am an adventurous person, and at my age, when people concentrate only in work and making money, I prefer to have fun and enjoy with my family and friends. This is when I got a chance to go trekking in Himalayas; I grabbed it with welcoming hands.

Himalayas has always considered as a renowned trekking location owing to its rugged and snow-capped peaks. Most trackers consider it as an achievement in Himalayas to conquer a peak during harsh conditions. It proves as a challenge to them to show their courage and skill. I was excited to be one amongst the young, trained and experienced trekkers, though I was the one with the least or almost no experience. But I am glad that I took on it.

Himalayan Ranges

Himalayan Ranges | Image Resource :

The Himalayan peaks are not restricted to any one state rather cover a number of them. We started our expedition from Ladakh, which is designated as the highest plateau in India at 3000m.

Ladakh is a beautiful location to admire the beauty of nature. But the place is also the favorite of trekkers and they proudly hike on the remotest peak of the region. I was a part of the trekking tour, where the entire trip is carefully designed and regulated, to have a thrilling and enjoyable experience.

Picturesque View of Himalaya Mountains

Picturesque View of Himalaya Mountains | Image Resource :

We were a group of ten that were guided by well-trained people. It was a tough but exciting venture. I prepared my mind and I was recalled of the famous phrase “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. Whenever I lost pace or strength to carry on, I just chanted this phrase.

Adventure Trekking at Himalaya Mountains

Adventure Trekking at Himalaya Mountains | Image Resource :

The landscape of Himalayas is incredible, the green cover, massive splendor and the narrow trails made it a memorable experience. When we reached on the peak, it was like I have won a battle. I conquered the challenge of snow and glacier-covered and jagged route. It was a lifetime experience. We all shouted in unison, at loudest of our pitch to express our happiness. Moving down the peaks was also equally challenging and time consuming. This trip was something that I’ll cherish throughout my life.


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