Visit to the Hermitage Amsterdam – Russian Art in Dutch Style

The stay at the hotel for the night refreshed us all. We were all charged upp to begin our exploration in the city of Amsterdam. There were many places which we shortlisted for this brief visit of ours to Netherlands. The first place which we visited on recommendations of a few friends was the Hermitage of Amsterdam.

The Hermitage is located in one of the oldest buildings of Holland known as Amstelhof. It was created in the year 1683 and ever since was used as a home for the elderly people. Since June 2009, it was converted into a museum and is currently the second largest museum of the city after Rijksmuseum. The main attraction of the museum is its large internal courtyard.

Hermitage Amsterdam

Hermitage Amsterdam | Image Resource :

The museum is easily accessible from all parts of the city through metro tube, taxis or city buses for tourists. The timings of the museum is from 10 AM – 5 PM. The entry for the children is free while adults are charged around 15 €. The museum is a must visit for all the lovers of art and craft.

The museum organises exhibitions on some special themes and then two shows every year are conducted by them. all the objects and artefacts on display are brought from the State Hermitage museum at St Petersburg, Russia. These items are brought first from truck to Finland and then transferred to Netherlands via Germany.

Hermitage Amsterdam Entrence

Hermitage Amsterdam Entrence | Image Resource :

Apart from the art there are many other activities and facilities which are hosted by the museum like studies, shows, concerts and activities for children. After taking the whole trip of the Hermitage, we went to the restaurant of the museum which is known as Neva. There is a two course lunch which is served there made by Chef Ricardo Eve. The food made available there is very good and some light coffee is also recommended to those travelling there.

Side View of Hermitage Amsterdam

Side View of Hermitage Amsterdam | Image Resource :

We were done with the visit to the hermitage in 2 hours. We decided to head to our next place of visit in the city which is another famous known by the name of Van Gogh Museum.


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