Dutch railway Museum – History of European and Netherlands’ Railways

The first day of our trip to Netherlands was dedicated to visits to the famous museums of the city. The two museums which we visited till now were amazing, interesting and exciting in their own ways. The Hermitage Museum was more about the modern and contemporary art while Van Gogh museum was about the art and paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. The next trip of ours was to yet another important museum of the city known as the Dutch Railways Museum.

view of dutch railway museum

Dutch Railway Museum | Image Resource: flickr.com

The Railways museum is also known by the name of Spoorwegmuseum and is located in the Utrecht part of the city. The museum which was built in the year 1927 and since 1954 it is housed in the Maliebaan Railway Station. The museum was opened for the public with the intention of preserving the heritage of Dutch Railways. A large portion of the museum was destroyed during the Second World War.

The Maliebaan Station has been restored to the exact look it had during the 19th century. There are excellent chandeliers on display at the railways station while the replicas of the first and second class waiting rooms are also present. Visitors can also have a look at the luxurious dining room of the station.


Maliebaan Railway Station | Image Resource: straatkaart.nl

There is a section inside the Dutch Railways museum which we all liked very much known as the Dream Travel. It is a tribute to stations travel legacy. One can take a look into what cook has on menu for the dinner and lunch and also look into the various destinations train will travel.

The workshop exhibit of the railway station is where the visitors can explore the different kinds of locomotives and also learn about how they work in reality. This section also houses a restaurant for those looking for food and drinks.

The Dutch Railway Museum was also an interesting visit. A lot about the history of railways can be known and learned through the museum. After finishing the trip to the Railway museum we headed to our next destination which is known by the name of the Anne Frank House Amsterdam.


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