Westerkerk Amsterdam – The Symbol of Dutch Pride

We all got a little sad and emotional after our visit to the Anne Frank Museum. After the visit to the museum we headed for our next place of visit in the city which is the most popular landmark and attraction of the city known as the Westerkerk. Westerkerk is basically a church, which is the largest in the city. There is also a tower known as the Westerkerk tower which is regarded as the pride of Amsterdam.

The tower is a huge 85 metre tall structure which was built in the year 1638. There is also the provision of going till the balcony of the tower. The view which one sees from the tower of Westerkerk is truly remarkable. We clicked many panoramic images of the city from its balcony. It is a municipal property and the national flag of the country is hoisted above the tower.

The interiors of the church inside are very modest and unique. The rich history of the Dutch is very neatly reflected by this beautiful church. It is one of the most revered Protestant churches in the European continent. The entry fee to the church is free while the entry to the tower is charged by authorities of Westerkerk.

westerkerk amsterdam

Westerkerk Amsterdam | Image Resource : wordpress.com

It is a nice place to click pictures of your family when on the balcony of the tower. The church is a nice place for those interested in knowing about the religious identity of the Dutch and how the church holds a revered place in the hearts of the Dutch people. There are many famous Dutch people who have been cremated at the Westerkerk. There are many scenes from the bible which are painted inside the church by famous painters like Gerard de Lairesse and Vincent Van Gogh.

The place is very well connected with all the main parts of the city and accessible through taxis, tube and buses. After this trip we went to have some food at a famous Dutch restaurant. The next place we visited was the Heineken Music Hall which is one of the most popular studios and music halls in Europe.


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