Heineken Music Hall – Music Hall with State of the Art Technology

The visit to the Protestant church of Amsterdam was a very good trip. The view of the city from the tower of the Westerkerk was a treat for the eyes. After this visit, another landmark which we went to visit in the city was the famous Heineken Music Hall.

heineken music hall amsterdam

Heineken Music Hall | Image Resource : hostelcroydon.nl

It is one of the best venues for music in the whole world. The venue has been host to some of the best reputed music shows with amazing lit experiences. The capacity of the hall is 6000 so it is big enough for superstars like Beyonce and Lady Gaga to perform while small enough at the same time for creating a warm experience for all.

The plan and approach of the entire music hall is very well. From seating to body scan and search, everything is just a matter of time. This is a very good venue for those who love visiting music shows and concert. Apart from music shows there are many other events which are hosted by the Heineken Music Hall like stand up comic shows, magic shows, conferences and many other events.

Heineken Music Hall | Image Resource : heineken-music-hall.nl

Heineken Music Hall | Image Resource : heineken-music-hall.nl

The sound system of the music hall is said to be state of the art. We all wanted to hear some loud music inside the theatre. Unfortunately there were no music shows or concert during the time we were there otherwise we would have attended one of them. This is one of the first kind of an amplified music theatre which we have seen in our life. There are many concerts and musical shows which we attended but never been to a musical hall like this.

There is also a gallery inside the music hall containing pictures and photos of the successful events and shows which have been hosted at the Heineken Music hall. Once we were done with the visit to the Music hall, we went to one of the famous restaurant and cafe of Amsterdam to enjoy the local cuisine.

Our trip to Amsterdam was coming to an end. We decided to visit two more famous attractions of the city before we headed back to our home.


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