Zuiderzee Museum – Story of a Rich Culture

Our trip to the city of Amsterdam was coming to an end. We witnessed some of the great historic places of the city along with its amazing museums which made this trip for all of us a great success. The food and beverages at various cafes and restaurants of the city also needs a special mention. Before heading back to India, we went to pay visit to a last attraction and an important museum of the city known as Zuiderzee Museum.

zuiderzee museum

Zuiderzee museum | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The Zuiderzee museum is one of the most captivating museums of the city which is divided into two parts the open air Buitenmuseum, and an indoor Binnenmuseum. The first section which we visited inside the museum was the Buitenmuseum which was opened in the year 1983. The section showcases how Zuiderzee life was between the years 1880 – 1932 by assembling all their houses, farms and sheds.

The inhabitants of the Zuiderzee tribe are dressed in traditional dresses and also have real bakery shops, chemists and sweet shops. The basic purpose of this section is to preserve the culture of the Zuiderzee people which the Dutch seemed to lose while chasing Modernity and development.

The next section where we visited was the Binnenmuseum. This is an indoor museum and is in a form of home and a warehouse of the Dutch Shipping Merchant. The displays inside the museum include paintings, prints and other materials which relates to fishing and farming industry of the city. Some of the cultural artefacts and symbols of Dutch are also on display at the museum. Artefacts like Jewellery, costumes, stones, porcelain; silver and gold are put on display signifying the Dutch wealth during the era.

The museum is a great place to learn more about the transition of the Holland journey toward development and Progress and also how its indigenous people used to live. The way museum is organised and divided into some of the interesting sections is worth an admiration.

This visit to the Zuiderzee museum was our last in the city of Amsterdam. We were now getting ready to go back to our homes taking some of the profound memories of the place and its culture.


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