Best Yoga Exercise for Weight Loss – The Best Solution to Cleanse Your Soul and Mind

My peace and happiness was in exile due to exhausting workload for past one month. I wanted to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. I lived in a magnificent city, which is fast developing, but my busy schedules hardly allowed me to enjoy it. I feel overwhelmed by my busy schedules and I planned to write something on my favorite hobby, Yoga and Fitness. And I enjoy my hobbies doing yoga and meditation.

yoga and meditation

Yoga And Meditation | Image Resource :

Yoga is not just about overstretching your body but its aim is to bring the mind, body and breathe together. Through this post I will be sharing some simple and easy tips on how one can improve his yoga practice. These tips are quite simple and very easy to adapt in life. I wanted to share some tips on why you should follow yoga to reduce your weight.

Some of the best yoga exercise for weight loss are practicing Surya Namskar, Chakra Padasana, Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose, Bhujanga Asana, Locust Pose, Tree Pose, Camel Pose and Shav Asana.

yoga poses

Yoga Poses | Image Resource :

Yoga cleanses your body and soul and at the same time gets rid of your extra body fat. It not only burns out your excess body fat but also gives you more energy and makes you healthy and fit.

Yoga doesn’t involve any side effect unlike other methods of weight reduction. As you know, body itself has a tendency to be perfect and it continuously tries to come to the state of perfection. Both yoga and ayurveda help your body to attain this state. In addition, unlike other chemicals it won’t create other problems while fixing your obese. It is more or less like natural healing.

Yoga therapy offers permanent solution to your concerns. It is doubtlessly not like using chemicals or instant medicines, which gives you immediate result, but within no time it will come back to the previous state once you stop using it. As long as you maintain the prescribed diet suggested by the instructor, yoga gives you best results.

Apart from reducing weight, yoga brings your body back to the normal condition solving any underlying cause of other sicknesses like emotional and bio-chemical. Moreover, it also helps you get optimum health. I recommend practicing yoga for a health life as there are no hard workouts or extreme exercise included in it.

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