Luxurious Travel Made Exotic By Cathay Airlines

Hi, this is Anup Agarwal a business strategist and I am simply in love with my work and family. Luxurious travel is something which I am very fond of and I undertake tours with the family on regular basis.

This time I decided that I will take international travel and I was ready with my itinerary. I boarded the Jet Airways from Maharana Pratap airport Udaipur. Actually it was such smooth sailing with the bookings made on its online portal. Once inside the aircraft I realized why this airline is the second largest airline in India. I settled with my family into the comfortable seats with enough leg space in front. My sons were simply thrilled with the audio-video entertainment offered on flight.

cathay airlines

Cathay Airlines | Image Resource :

After the polite cabin crew served us delicious in-flight meals we were ready to land at Indira Gandhi International airport, Delhi. The arrival was exactly on time and I saw the wonderful world class facilities that this airport seemed to offer. As I had the connecting flight to catch to Hong Kong by Cathay airlines I boarded the flight that seemed ready to welcome the air travellers.

On board the Premium Economy class which I had selected had got me the best of worlds, I was really happy with the warm hospitality shown by the staff. The wide seating gave me absolute comfort. My wife and children could not stop raving about the tasty snacks which were served by the hospitable crew. All the perks promised on the website of this Premier Cathay Pacific airlines, were realized on flight. As I dozed comfortably the announcement of soon to be landing at Hong Kong International airport had me up, and making my making my way to the exit.

On landing I could only marvel at this technologically advanced airport. The announcements and glow charts and sign boards on this airport guided all of us in the simplest manner. I had the good fortune of catching another Cathay Pacific flight which would reach to my final destination Beijing. I was happy I had made my bookings on this air carrier safe in the knowledge that it flew to 17 destinations in China.



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