You Are No Hero Until You reach -The Great Wall of China!

The awe of actually landing in China had me feeling that I was in wonderland. The journey from Beijing Capital International airport was covered in sheer excitement. After checking in the hotel none of us wanted to waste a single moment. On popular demand all of us settled to visit the Icon of this country…the Great Wall of China.

The 24×7 reception help desk guided us on taking the one day Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking Tour. Our taxi arrived and soon we were on our way chattering in enthusiasm and trying to make small talk to the taxi driver. Reaching there I could not believe I was really standing on this UNESCO heritage site of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It felt as if I had travelled back in time more than 2,300 year ago, when the various dynasties fought to protect the various territorial borders.

great wall of china

Great Wall of China | Image Resource :

My sons excitedly pointed out to the powerful advertising words of Chairman Mao-You are no hero until you reach the Great Wall of China. How apt they sounded. The other tourists explained to my children its meaning. This is a saying in china which says to get over difficulties before reaching and realisation of your goal. We went to the Badaling section which I found was the most visited, observing the tourist rush.

tourist rush at great wall of china

Tourist Rush At The Great Wall of China | Image Resource :

One more write up near the wall which struck me as simply awesome was, that it has nearly 70,000 visitors per day during peak season. As we had selected the Jinshanling we were happy that is was the most popular hiking trek. Here we found the most original architecture which we stood and admired after every short while. But looking the other way there was also the Mutianyu that was restored very beautifully. Then there was the steep and perilous Jiankou which appears on most picture postcards.

It being the greatest sight in the world was proved today as I looked at it, seeing it’s never ending length of 13,170 miles. How hard the people must have worked to build it, what an example of an awe-inspiring feat.


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