The Most Pleasing And Satisfying Place : Yuyuan Garden Shanghai

I found myself getting more and more comfortable as days of vacation at China seemed to progress. Right from taking buses and subway lines I was really getting the feel of the local culture here. And my family seemed to enjoy themselves in all the arrangements I seemed to be making.

This day we all decided that we will take a bus to Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai. To our delight there was lot of buses plying that dropped one at Lishui station, from there the garden is walking distance. Also one could take the city sightseeing bus. Another option which was available to us was taking the subway line 10.

yuyuan garden shanghai

Yuyuan Garden Shanghai | Image Resource :

It felt we were spoilt for choices but we decided to take the city sight-seeing bus that would drop us at Yuyuan Garden. The opening hours were 8:30 and so we felt grateful that we were there by 9:00.We read up all the information about the changes this garden, had undergone in the 400 years of its existence. My wife was very impressed, and said it is very important that the government takes keen interest in keeping the green spaces up to the mark.

Spread among five acres this garden, comprises of pavilions, halls and ponds, all with unique characters. I simply loved the scenic areas and my children seemed to rush around, every time exclaiming aloud about the lovely scenery they caught sight of. The various halls within the garden seemed to have caught their fancy.

Suddenly I heard a shout of delight. Looking up I saw both my children atop the rockery. I rushed up to them and noticed that it was nearly 50 meter’s high. Asking them why they shouted, they excitedly pointed at the bird’s eye view this place gave of the entire garden.

Later we strolled in the Yule Pavilion and Wanhua chambers that led us to many corridors, streams courtyards and many natural scenes. This was a place where the spring bamboos grew, in clusters that was a beautiful sight. Near here I saw two trees out of which one was maidenhair tree. The belief is it is nearly 400 years, planted by the host of the garden. As it was time for us to leave, I took one last look and marveled at the beauty of this garden.

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