The Towering Tale Of Shanghai Tower Pudong

While in China it would simply be unthinkable not to raise my visits and thoughts real high. Yes, I am talking of visiting the Shanghai Tower Pudong, which all of us were keen to visit. Its background of construction actually fascinated my wife and me. And while in China do as the Chinese do. So after a sumptuous breakfast we trooped out in excitement to use public transport. This time I had decided to take the subway line two.

We reached here, and saw that the exterior of the building spiralled upwards just like a snake. Reading the information here, we got to know that this is one place that has been constructed on a seismic belt, and it is near the river basin. The engineers have really worked hard by firming up the ground and actually put in 980 foundation piles, to depth of nearly 282 feet. This made me really respect the genius of the engineers, who made such clever use of technology.

shanghai tower pudong

Shanghai Tower Pudong | Image Resource :

We gazed at its 632 metres of height meaning nearly 2,073 feet. My boys kept saying that it will give them a neck ache, if they kept looking up at this tall tower. Imagine 121 floors above ground, and to top it 5 podium floors too. It ranks as the tallest tower in China, and the second highest in the world. How lucky we felt getting to visit this place.

We took a lift and it seemed to travel at a lightning speed. This we discovered was due to the lift being swift enough to travel 40 miles per hour. The tower has two glass facades, one inner and one outer, it felt like overlapping tubes. We saw the photograph of the project manager Grant Uhlir, who had created such a marvel.

My wife was curious about the design of the tower. It seemed to twist one inch after every floor. Then we realised that it was very important to set off the wind effect at high altitudes. Also it had to withstand frequent typhoons.

We got into one of the 149 elevators; it reached us 500 metres high, from street level within a minute, on the sightseeing platform. Now that is what I call a world record in speed !


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