Travel Quote Of The Week : “In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.”

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Description : In psychology, there is a theory called ‘Self fulfilling prophecy’. The theory goes that, if one believes in something very hard and puts maximum efforts towards it; the end result will be a successful one even if it wasn’t meant to be. This quote goes along the same lines and is a good principle to follow while starting something new.

Republic Day Wishesh 2016!

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Republic Day Wishesh : Each year on 26th January, Indian residents capture their regional personality and put their disparities away. The day just brings the light with the brilliant claim of love and brotherhood. Together all the people from diverse religions, salute the Indian Flag and pay tribute to the great freedom fighters.


I wish to all pepole Happy New 2016 Year, much lucky and money too.

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New Year Message : This year was all full of lovely destinations and new ventures. My little ones; Akash and Adarsh had great experiences while travelling. I pray to god that every year passes with the same fun and enjoyment. On this note, I would like to wish everyone a very happy and successful new year.

Travel Quote Of The Week – Mason Cooley

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This quote by the celebrated American writer Mason Cooley seems very appropriate for travellers like myself! Just imagine! We travel here and there that feeling of not fitting the crowd just fades away when you have gained so much from the trips. We slowly are moving towards becoming the part of the global citizens!