Destination Of The Week : Barra Shopping Mall Brazil

barra shopping mall brazil

Barra Shopping Mall Brazil | Image Resource :

Barra Shopping Mall Brazil : I was excited to fly to Brazil. We had a lot of shopping to do so we headed to the Barra Shopping Mall in Brazil. It is a massive mall with more than 577 stores in it. The amazing mall was built in 1981 and is located pretty close to Rio de Janeiro.

My Air Travel Journey from Udaipur to Brazil by Etihad Airways – Three Routes of Ecstasy

I have never taken life very seriously when it comes to personal matters. I am the person that loves freedom. ‘Live and let live’ is the tagline that I always carry with me. My kids are my pride. From the beginning itself, I have taught them discipline yet freedom towards life. Travelling with them make me more than happy. Adarsh is quiet responsible unlike Akash. Two of them are the gems of my life. My air travel journey from Udaipur to Brazil by Etihad Airways with two of these gems was ecstatic.

We followed three routes all the way to reach my dream destination, Brazil. Since there are lots of activities onboard, my kids were excited enough to join me. My first route tickets were booked for Air India Airlines from Udaipur to Delhi. We had evening flight for Delhi and it took hardly one and a half hours to reach. Since Delhi is the capital of our nation you would get innumerable flights to travel globally.

The Etihad Airways flights are simply excellent I must say. We had a long and great experience travelling on its flight. All the way from Delhi to Brazil and halting at Abu Dhabi International Airport in between was a wonderful experience of my life. I was extremely lucky to get Delhi Abu Dhabi cheap air tickets.

etihad airways

Etihad Airways | Image Resource :

Etihad Airways have flourished at its most since its incorporation in the year 2003. I loved the services provided with profound hospitality. Its entire guests are welcomed and treated with great respect and regards. Halting at Abu Dhabi International Airport and avoid shopping is an abnormal thought. Especially for a shopaholic like me! My young gems get too excited when they come to shop for a particular object.

abu dhabi international airport

Abu Dhabi International Airport | Image Resource :

Our stay at the Dubai was for few hours and we lived a new life in those fewer moments. Our flight was ready to take off for Garulhos Sao Paulo Brazil. My air travel journey from Udaipur to Brazil by Etihad Airways was awesome to be remembered forever. Thanks to the Delhi Abu Dhabi cheap air tickets that I could manage everything within a budget. We reached safely to Brazil. We were not at all harassed to seek for the hotel. One of my clients from Brazil made all the arrangements for us. I am grateful for his hospitality forever.

Destination Of The Week : Macquarie Shopping Centre Australia

macquarie shopping centre australia

Macquarie Shopping Centre Australia | Image Resource :

Macquarie Shopping Centre Australia : I love shopping and I had decided while planning the trip to Australia that I will shop lovely fashionable outfits from there. The Macquarie Shopping Centre was truly fabulous and I had a jolly time shopping out there. We first shopped for outfits and then I purchased Australian mementos for my near and dear ones.