Welcome To The Pink City And Amass Rosy Memories In Hotel Jaipur Palace!

Jaipur is an immensely popular city, revered for its architecture, monuments and the rich tradition and culture. The best months to visit the city are in the months of October and November, as the city significantly cools down and it becomes quite comfortable to visit every tourist spot in the city.

pink city palace hotel jaipur

Pink City Palace Hotel Jaipur | Image Resource : wordpress.com

There are quite a few things one must plan before taking a trip to this city, and the first thought that comes is about the accommodation or hotel to stay. One of the most highly preferred and recommended hotels for comfortable stay is the Hotel Jaipur Palace. One is sure to enjoy  the vacation, should this step be met.   

interior of the jaipur pink city palace

Interior of the Jaipur Pink City Palace| Image Resource : siyag.net

Hotel Jaipur Palace: Best in the Business!

The hotel located on Shankar Marg, enjoys  a prominent location and the fact that it is located within a ten kilometre radius from both the Airport and the Railway Station, makes it even more accessible and convenient for the tourists and  travellers alike.

city palace jaipur

City Palace Jaipur | Image Resource : jauntri.com

The hotel offers eighty rooms in total, across Standard and Deluxe variants. The Hotel Jaipur Palace provides completely air conditioned rooms, with internet access and a few basic facilities such as refrigerator, personal safe and a private bathroom. Also, the hotel’s business facilities – fully equipped conference room, board rooms, A/V equipments,  etc., are on on par with the best.

internal view of city palace Jaipur

Internal View Of City Palace Jaipur | Image Resource : travelblog.org

For dining, the Mehak Restaurant offers brilliant food in a variety of cuisines and barbeque dishes. The visitors can also treat themselves to some brilliant coffees in the Annapurna Coffee Shop. For the liquor aficionado, the Gagan Bar offers the perfect ambiance to unwind and relax.

mehak restaurant for dining

Mehak Restaurant For dining | Image Resource : buzzintown.com

The recreational facilities in the hotel include, the swimming pool, salon, steam bath, shopping arcade, etc.. All these facilities aside, the hotel also offers transportation service to its guest, along with personal services including laundry. Now, if this is not the perfect example of hospitality, then what is? Go, immerse yourself in the hotel’s luxury.

Xu Garden Xuanwu China A landmark in Classical Chinese Gardens

This day, I felt was going to be dedicated to classical Chinese culture and architecture especially in connection to china’s green spaces. All of us were of the opinion that visiting a classical Chinese garden would enlighten us on the way Chinese built their green spaces.

Hence all of us very enthusiastically got ready to visit this quaint sounding Xu garden. I had already collected enough history about it. This garden was the residence of prince of Han, belonging to the Ming Dynasty. This time we decided to take a cab all the way to the Presidents Palace, where this garden is located to its western side.

The large area of the garden was very pleasing to the eye. My sons really thought that the Chinese knew how to make use of green spaces. It was thrilling to them, to know that this was the residence of a prince long, long time ago. Something which thrilled all of us was the stony representation of 12 Zodiac signs of the Chinese animals.


lake in xu garden

Lake In Xu Garden | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

All of us sat in the mimic stony boat built of grey stones. The 14.5 metre structure is now a symbol of this Xu garden. The tourists told us that one of the emperors had named it as Bu Ji Zhou, meaning unmoored boat. I felt this was very symbolic, as the emperors usually were high on philosophy about life and things in life.

xu garden xuanwu china

Xu Garden Xuanwu China | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Going ahead we discovered a hillock, where lay a Hexagonal Pavilion. My wife thought there were two of them. However as we walked closer to it, it was one single integrated body. The sign board there told us that, it was the Mandarin Duck Pavilion, and of course ducks are always known to appear in pairs, so this kind of architecture.

As the afternoon sun started getting milder we reached the Tong Yin Guan also known as Paulownia Melody House. This we noticed was the largest building here built in paulownia timber. Around it is many Chinese parasol trees, and during rains the water falling on the leaves create mellifluous sounds. I was full of admiration for this gardens layout.

Destination Of The Week : Drum Tower xi an China

drum tower xi an china

Drum Tower xi an China | Image Resource : kempinski.com

Drum Tower xi an China : I was always fascinated by the Ming Dynasty of China. So visiting this towering tower was a dream come true. The interiors were all the more fascinating. The huge drum located within it was beaten at sun set to announce the days end. All of us looked up in delight at the many drums which hung in the first floors hall.

The Most Pleasing And Satisfying Place : Yuyuan Garden Shanghai

I found myself getting more and more comfortable as days of vacation at China seemed to progress. Right from taking buses and subway lines I was really getting the feel of the local culture here. And my family seemed to enjoy themselves in all the arrangements I seemed to be making.

This day we all decided that we will take a bus to Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai. To our delight there was lot of buses plying that dropped one at Lishui station, from there the garden is walking distance. Also one could take the city sightseeing bus. Another option which was available to us was taking the subway line 10.

yuyuan garden shanghai

Yuyuan Garden Shanghai | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

It felt we were spoilt for choices but we decided to take the city sight-seeing bus that would drop us at Yuyuan Garden. The opening hours were 8:30 and so we felt grateful that we were there by 9:00.We read up all the information about the changes this garden, had undergone in the 400 years of its existence. My wife was very impressed, and said it is very important that the government takes keen interest in keeping the green spaces up to the mark.

Spread among five acres this garden, comprises of pavilions, halls and ponds, all with unique characters. I simply loved the scenic areas and my children seemed to rush around, every time exclaiming aloud about the lovely scenery they caught sight of. The various halls within the garden seemed to have caught their fancy.

Suddenly I heard a shout of delight. Looking up I saw both my children atop the rockery. I rushed up to them and noticed that it was nearly 50 meter’s high. Asking them why they shouted, they excitedly pointed at the bird’s eye view this place gave of the entire garden.

Later we strolled in the Yule Pavilion and Wanhua chambers that led us to many corridors, streams courtyards and many natural scenes. This was a place where the spring bamboos grew, in clusters that was a beautiful sight. Near here I saw two trees out of which one was maidenhair tree. The belief is it is nearly 400 years, planted by the host of the garden. As it was time for us to leave, I took one last look and marveled at the beauty of this garden.

Destination Of The Week : Leshan Giant Buddha China

leshan giant buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha | Image Resource : Chinaworldalldetails.com

Leshan Giant Buddha China  : It was a fantastic moment when all of us visited this UNESCO heritage site. The sitting posture of Buddha in a monk form showed us different aspects of viewing this great philosopher. The rocky edifices around created a marvelous effect, and this when I believed that it must have actually taken 90 years to carve this largest Buddha statue in the world.

Royal Palace of Amsterdam – The Most Beautiful Palace in the Country

Our trip to Amsterdam was coming to an end. We decided to visit a few more places before returning back to India. After the visit to the Heineken music Hall, we headed towards another great location of the city which we had deliberately left for later to enjoy it the most. It was the Royal palace of Amsterdam which is located on the Dam Square in the heart of the city.

The Palace was built in the year 17th century. Today it is one of the most famous attractions of the city. There is little entry fee charged by the authorities. The Palace is used by the government to give reception to the state heads of different countries.

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Royal Palace of Amsterdam | Image Resource : obernkirchener-sandstein.de

The palace has served as the town hall of Amsterdam for 150 years, and the palace of the house of Orange for the last two hundred years. The Town Hall is reminiscent of the Dutch Golden age and some of the paintings and sculptures of those eras can be found there made by the best artists of those times. There is also a section which has preserved the most amazing furniture collection of the era when Napoleon’s brother was the emperor of Holland.

The Orange Nassau rooms are one of the best artistically decorated rooms of the palace. The art and craft available there and also the various paintings available show the members of the Orange Nassau.

This is a wonderful palace to make a trip to. Some of the most exotic interiors, antiques, furniture, paintings, sculptures and other items are on display at the Royal Palace of the Amsterdam. Photography is allowed inside the Palace after paying little fees. We clicked many pictures of the intricate interiors of the Palace. It was certainly one of the most modern Palaces I ever witnessed.

Our trip to Amsterdam was coming to an end. We headed for one last place of visit after which was the Zuiderzee Museum of Amsterdam. This museum is dedicated to the history and future if the area of Zuiderzee people who lived on the shores before the construction of the dams.

Heineken Music Hall – Music Hall with State of the Art Technology

The visit to the Protestant church of Amsterdam was a very good trip. The view of the city from the tower of the Westerkerk was a treat for the eyes. After this visit, another landmark which we went to visit in the city was the famous Heineken Music Hall.

heineken music hall amsterdam

Heineken Music Hall | Image Resource : hostelcroydon.nl

It is one of the best venues for music in the whole world. The venue has been host to some of the best reputed music shows with amazing lit experiences. The capacity of the hall is 6000 so it is big enough for superstars like Beyonce and Lady Gaga to perform while small enough at the same time for creating a warm experience for all.

The plan and approach of the entire music hall is very well. From seating to body scan and search, everything is just a matter of time. This is a very good venue for those who love visiting music shows and concert. Apart from music shows there are many other events which are hosted by the Heineken Music Hall like stand up comic shows, magic shows, conferences and many other events.

Heineken Music Hall | Image Resource : heineken-music-hall.nl

Heineken Music Hall | Image Resource : heineken-music-hall.nl

The sound system of the music hall is said to be state of the art. We all wanted to hear some loud music inside the theatre. Unfortunately there were no music shows or concert during the time we were there otherwise we would have attended one of them. This is one of the first kind of an amplified music theatre which we have seen in our life. There are many concerts and musical shows which we attended but never been to a musical hall like this.

There is also a gallery inside the music hall containing pictures and photos of the successful events and shows which have been hosted at the Heineken Music hall. Once we were done with the visit to the Music hall, we went to one of the famous restaurant and cafe of Amsterdam to enjoy the local cuisine.

Our trip to Amsterdam was coming to an end. We decided to visit two more famous attractions of the city before we headed back to our home.