Destination Of The Week : Grand Metropark Resort Yangcheng Suzhou , Yangchengcun China

grand metropark resort yangcheng suzhou , yangchengcun china

Grand Metropark Resort | Image Resource :

Grand Metropark Resort : This was the third place we stayed at amid our escorted voyage through China. Amazingly beautifully decorated room is what will bring me here again. They offer a supper buffet at the first floor eatery which is excellent and a thing not to be missed. I took photos of the exquisite food.

Welcome To The Pink City And Amass Rosy Memories In Hotel Jaipur Palace!

Jaipur is an immensely popular city, revered for its architecture, monuments and the rich tradition and culture. The best months to visit the city are in the months of October and November, as the city significantly cools down and it becomes quite comfortable to visit every tourist spot in the city.

pink city palace hotel jaipur

Pink City Palace Hotel Jaipur | Image Resource :

There are quite a few things one must plan before taking a trip to this city, and the first thought that comes is about the accommodation or hotel to stay. One of the most highly preferred and recommended hotels for comfortable stay is the Hotel Jaipur Palace. One is sure to enjoy  the vacation, should this step be met.   

interior of the jaipur pink city palace

Interior of the Jaipur Pink City Palace| Image Resource :

Hotel Jaipur Palace: Best in the Business!

The hotel located on Shankar Marg, enjoys  a prominent location and the fact that it is located within a ten kilometre radius from both the Airport and the Railway Station, makes it even more accessible and convenient for the tourists and  travellers alike.

city palace jaipur

City Palace Jaipur | Image Resource :

The hotel offers eighty rooms in total, across Standard and Deluxe variants. The Hotel Jaipur Palace provides completely air conditioned rooms, with internet access and a few basic facilities such as refrigerator, personal safe and a private bathroom. Also, the hotel’s business facilities – fully equipped conference room, board rooms, A/V equipments,  etc., are on on par with the best.

internal view of city palace Jaipur

Internal View Of City Palace Jaipur | Image Resource :

For dining, the Mehak Restaurant offers brilliant food in a variety of cuisines and barbeque dishes. The visitors can also treat themselves to some brilliant coffees in the Annapurna Coffee Shop. For the liquor aficionado, the Gagan Bar offers the perfect ambiance to unwind and relax.

mehak restaurant for dining

Mehak Restaurant For dining | Image Resource :

The recreational facilities in the hotel include, the swimming pool, salon, steam bath, shopping arcade, etc.. All these facilities aside, the hotel also offers transportation service to its guest, along with personal services including laundry. Now, if this is not the perfect example of hospitality, then what is? Go, immerse yourself in the hotel’s luxury.

I wish to all pepole Happy New 2016 Year, much lucky and money too.

new year ishesh

New Year Wishesh | Image Resource :

New Year Message : This year was all full of lovely destinations and new ventures. My little ones; Akash and Adarsh had great experiences while travelling. I pray to god that every year passes with the same fun and enjoyment. On this note, I would like to wish everyone a very happy and successful new year.

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!

christmas ishesh

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Christmas Message : The magical night in Bethlehem when a darling baby boy was born in a Shepard’s hut marks the Christmas day and is celebrated with joy even today. The day is dedicated to Jesus Christ who is hailed as the son of God and his teachings are preached around the world via Christmas carols and stories.

Xu Garden Xuanwu China A landmark in Classical Chinese Gardens

This day, I felt was going to be dedicated to classical Chinese culture and architecture especially in connection to china’s green spaces. All of us were of the opinion that visiting a classical Chinese garden would enlighten us on the way Chinese built their green spaces.

Hence all of us very enthusiastically got ready to visit this quaint sounding Xu garden. I had already collected enough history about it. This garden was the residence of prince of Han, belonging to the Ming Dynasty. This time we decided to take a cab all the way to the Presidents Palace, where this garden is located to its western side.

The large area of the garden was very pleasing to the eye. My sons really thought that the Chinese knew how to make use of green spaces. It was thrilling to them, to know that this was the residence of a prince long, long time ago. Something which thrilled all of us was the stony representation of 12 Zodiac signs of the Chinese animals.


lake in xu garden

Lake In Xu Garden | Image Resource :

All of us sat in the mimic stony boat built of grey stones. The 14.5 metre structure is now a symbol of this Xu garden. The tourists told us that one of the emperors had named it as Bu Ji Zhou, meaning unmoored boat. I felt this was very symbolic, as the emperors usually were high on philosophy about life and things in life.

xu garden xuanwu china

Xu Garden Xuanwu China | Image Resource :

Going ahead we discovered a hillock, where lay a Hexagonal Pavilion. My wife thought there were two of them. However as we walked closer to it, it was one single integrated body. The sign board there told us that, it was the Mandarin Duck Pavilion, and of course ducks are always known to appear in pairs, so this kind of architecture.

As the afternoon sun started getting milder we reached the Tong Yin Guan also known as Paulownia Melody House. This we noticed was the largest building here built in paulownia timber. Around it is many Chinese parasol trees, and during rains the water falling on the leaves create mellifluous sounds. I was full of admiration for this gardens layout.

Destination Of The Week : Grand Millennium Beijing

grand millennium beijing hotel

Grand Millennium Beijing |Image Resource :

Grand Millennium Beijing : My trip to China was a business travel but turned into a fun travel, thanks to the Grand Millennium Beijing Hotel. It is located very close the world financial centre and is easily locatable. The hotel manager arranged for a tour guide to accompany me to all the tourist locations close to Beijing.

The Towering Tale Of Shanghai Tower Pudong

While in China it would simply be unthinkable not to raise my visits and thoughts real high. Yes, I am talking of visiting the Shanghai Tower Pudong, which all of us were keen to visit. Its background of construction actually fascinated my wife and me. And while in China do as the Chinese do. So after a sumptuous breakfast we trooped out in excitement to use public transport. This time I had decided to take the subway line two.

We reached here, and saw that the exterior of the building spiralled upwards just like a snake. Reading the information here, we got to know that this is one place that has been constructed on a seismic belt, and it is near the river basin. The engineers have really worked hard by firming up the ground and actually put in 980 foundation piles, to depth of nearly 282 feet. This made me really respect the genius of the engineers, who made such clever use of technology.

shanghai tower pudong

Shanghai Tower Pudong | Image Resource :

We gazed at its 632 metres of height meaning nearly 2,073 feet. My boys kept saying that it will give them a neck ache, if they kept looking up at this tall tower. Imagine 121 floors above ground, and to top it 5 podium floors too. It ranks as the tallest tower in China, and the second highest in the world. How lucky we felt getting to visit this place.

We took a lift and it seemed to travel at a lightning speed. This we discovered was due to the lift being swift enough to travel 40 miles per hour. The tower has two glass facades, one inner and one outer, it felt like overlapping tubes. We saw the photograph of the project manager Grant Uhlir, who had created such a marvel.

My wife was curious about the design of the tower. It seemed to twist one inch after every floor. Then we realised that it was very important to set off the wind effect at high altitudes. Also it had to withstand frequent typhoons.

We got into one of the 149 elevators; it reached us 500 metres high, from street level within a minute, on the sightseeing platform. Now that is what I call a world record in speed !