Anahita the Resort Mauritius – Luxury Redefined and a Great Choice

We reached Mauritius and the flights were uneventful; the entertainment onboard had kept the kids busy thankfully or else they would have created some ruckus for sure. The hotel car from the Anahita the Resort Mauritius had come to fetch us and the chauffeur had a placard in his hand that bore my name. As we exited the Sir S. Ramgoolam International Airport, Mauritius, I felt a sense of relief having left all my stress from work far behind in my hometown Udaipur. I planned on concentrating all my energies to my trip and would try and extract the most out of it. The primary objective that I preach as a Business Strategist too was also to make the most of opportunities when they present themselves so it was time to act as I preached.

anahita the resort mauritius

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We had the 2 bedroom suites booked for us. It promised to be great because we could have our own privacy too, me and my wife, yet, we will be able to keep a close watch on our boys too. As soon we reached the Resort, the formalities of checking in commenced. I directed the kids and my wife to the suite and handled affairs at the reception. It was lunch time and I knew that the kids would surely be hungry. I had asked them to order from the room service because we were too beat to go to the restaurant this day. The location of the resort was excellent and so far everything that I had laid my eyes on was truly beautiful. It had been a good choice to go with popular consensus and I was very impressed by the hotel’s infrastructure. Yet, the success of any hotel rested with its services and in its quality of food. Whether or not the hotel passed on those accounts remained to be seen.

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Anahita the Resort Mauritius had everything one could ask for- beauty, tranquility, services and great food. The lip-smacking lunch especially the ‘Gateau Piment Mauricien’ was ample proof of that. I was at a happy space both mentally and physically. The kids were excited to explore the resort and I took them out.