Apartheid Museum Johannesburg South Africa – Exhibits of the Contribution of the World Leader Mandela

Our arrival in the famous city of Johannesburg took care of all the tiredness and bereft of any fatigue, we made our way to the first sightseeing of the trip to the Apartheid Museum Johannesburg South Africa. The visit to this Museum has been very important for my kids because while enjoying the vacation, I also wanted them to know about the history of the land which they were travelling. Although, they were familiar with the concept of democracy but to imagine a state devoid of the significant virtue up till the year1994 could have a lot of stories behind it. Most importantly, the suppression of the people on the grounds of racism needed to be understood by both my children so that they can value the democracy in their country better.

apartheid museum johannesburg south africa

Apartheid Museum Johannesburg South Africa | Image Resource : weareholidays.co.in

Someone has very rightly said that a history forgotten is a future lost. So, in order to appreciate our futures as citizens of independent states in the modern world, I could at least peek in the apartheid prevalent in South Africa until recently.  There are exhibits all over the impressive museum which depicted the atrocious laws that the native black had to adhere to in the hands of the dictatorial rule of the whites. They could have no property of their own, no voting rights and no public freedom and were subjected to such unfairness that the new order of democracy was indeed the call of the modern times. The history and struggle of South Africa and that of India is linked permanently through Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi who began his political ideologies in the South African soil.

the pillars of the constitution in apartheid museum, johannesburg, south africa

The Pillars of the Constitution in Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg, South Africa | Image Resource : upload.wikimedia.org

entrances for whites and non-whites to the apartheid museum

Entrances for Whites and Non-Whites to the Apartheid Museum | Image Resource : mankosi.files.wordpress.com

apartheid museum interior, johannesburg, south africa

Apartheid Museum Interior, Johannesburg, South Africa | Image Resource : south-african-hotels.com

The Apartheid Museum Johannesburg South Africa has been very recently constructed in the year 2001 and is phenomenal in showcasing the rise and fall of the apartheid in South Africa. Being casted away in their country, the tale of apartheid is touching and heartfelt and narrates the way the country overthrew the oppressive government to build their futures with their own hands.  For people who want to reconstruct the story through the eyes of Mandela, a visit to the Museum is a must. From here we proceeded to the Johannesburg Zoo South Africa.