Cape Agulhas Cape Town – To Meet the Meeting Point of the Two Oceans

The fresh morning in Cape Town had us feeling rejuvenated and energetic. It was the perfect opportunity to plan the day trip to Cape Agulhas Cape Town, the rocky headland where they say the two currents, the Benguela and the Agulhas meets. Here is the official dividing line between the two oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, well imaginary of course.  The windy weather of the city Cape Town had been lovely but as we moved towards the sea shore and near the coast, the speed of the wind was amazing. And to think that it does remain like this at all time made me feel envious of the inhabitants here.

cape agulhas cape town

Cape Agulhas Cape Town, South Africa | Image Resource :

The Cape is also known as the Cape of Needles as named by the Portuguese because here the true north coincided with the direction of magnetic north. We did come across the official line between the oceans as defined by the International Hydrographic Organization declared by a stone plaque and it felt monumental to be in the southernmost tip of the African continent. The waters at the shore here is said to be shallow and great for fishing but in the defiant weathers, the storms and the huge waves are also killing for the anglers who look to fish. The presence of the lighthouse at the Cape has been the savior of many ships here for the rocky shores have been found very treacherous for navigators. But, now the lighthouse has this little museum that we visited and a quirky restaurant where we halted for refreshments. There are also places of accommodation if one drove west to the lighthouse; some of the people staying here close to the shore enjoy the views of the sights on a clear night when they can come visit the rocky shores.

Cape Agulhas Cape Town is also known for its unparallel natural beauty, a slice of which we had seen but as the day concluded, it was time for us to leave and scout back to our hotel and make plans to move to the Kruger National Park South Africa which was sadly the second last highlight for us here in South Africa.