Animal Encounters at the Feather Dale Wildlife Park

One cannot leave Australia without viewing the kangaroos and Koalas. So, the next day, we planned to spend a considerable time (that turned into almost entire day) at the very popular Feather dale wildlife park. We woke up kids by saying “wanna meet kangaroos”, and they were up awake in a moment. We chuckled at them and then disclosed the secret of our destination of the day. Me and my kids are nature lovers and I make every effort to make them sensitive towards all forms of life. So, here I got an excellent opportunity, and we were on for it.

We had our breakfast in the room, and my wife packed some eateries for the day. She very well takes care of the kids, like only a mother can do.

We were moving in our private conveyance and reaching there from the Sydney centre took us around 40 minutes. Like all other places, here also I booked the tickets in advance. Featherdale Wildlife Park is in east of Sydney and is sited near the Blacktown.The place wasn’t crowded; and we were looking around at our own pace. It was so pleasant to see the cleanliness and well organized place.

featherdale wildlife park, australia

Featherdale Wildlife Park, Australia | Image Resource :

Kangaroos and Wallaby were all in open- no cages, no bars. It was the closest encounter to see the animals roaming in the natural surroundings. The animals were also used to the populace and were not scared or running away from us.

The staff here was also very affable. We were touching the animals, hand feeding Kangaroos, and cuddling Koalas. Akash and Adarsh were so happy, that they asked the staff if they could take the Koalas home!! The park is home to the world’s largest compilation of Australian native animals, with around 2000 critters living here at Featherdale, that includes saltwater crocodiles, bats, wallabies, wombats, emus, and reptiles etc.

saltwater crocodile in featherdale wildlife park, australia

Saltwater Crocodile in Featherdale Wildlife Park, Australia | Image Resource :

emus in featherdale wildlife park, australia

Emus in Featherdale Wildlife Park, Australia | Image Resource :

The park also facilitated a cafe, a souvenir shop, and numerous picnic areas along with barbecues, so that visitors can enjoy a complete Aussie experience. We had an amazing experience at the Featherdale Wildlife Park and will recommend this park to all age group.