Gateau Piment Mauricien – An Authentic Dish of Mauritius which Bowled Us Over

Normally I would not talk about food so much but this time it would have to be an exception. The Gateau Piment Mauricien was nothing that I had eaten before and it was very delicious. I was determined to find the recipe of the dish but while I took my kids out, I assigned my wife to the task. I was sure that she would do full justice to the matter because as such I would have been able to understand anything about the cooking techniques and the ingredients. I could make out that the dish had been cooked of split peas but beyond that I could not figure the ingredients. Evening was setting in and the weather was turning lovely. I took the kids to the golf fields and there was a game in progress. Not that I am any expert on the game yet I made them understand the essentials of the game and they listened to me in rapt attention.

We also took a tour of the other facilities of the resort, the three restaurants- Origine, Bliss and the Sugar Cafe. The sound of the waves crashing nearby could be heard and I reckoned that the beach must be close. The beach activities would have to wait; after all it was only our first day in Mauritius. There were other suites lined along with ours, and all seemed as luxurious like ours. The beautiful surroundings and the natural setting were treating our senses but the jet lag was also kicking in so I directed the kids back to our suite. There was something cooking in our kitchen for sure and guess what I was right!

gateau piment mauricien

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My wife had not only figured the recipe of Gateau Piment Mauricien but had actually got hold of the ingredients and was trying to cook for us. Where the woman got her energies from was still a mystery to me. But I was very touched by her efforts and as we dug into our treat, we made plans to visit the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden Mauritius the next day. It would take the whole day to actually see it well so I directed the kids to be awake early in the morning.